PC vaccinating everyone after second meningitis case


Just as all that ebola fear-mongering is dying down, here’s something even closer to home: Providence College is offering a three-dose meningococcal vaccine after two students were diagnosed with meningitis this week. PC is advising business as usual otherwise, but Blog suggests that to be extra safe, you might put off your daily trip across town to campus.

Meanwhile, let’s take a minute and riff on this disturbing nugget from the ProJo story:

“The school is not mandating that its 3,800-plus students receive the vaccine, but health officials are urging students to do so in an effort to prevent an outbreak. ‘[Fine] believes it’s the most responsible course of action,’ said Steven J. Maurano, associate vice president at PC. ‘We’re hopeful that very few would opt out.’ On Sunday, 3,168 PC students came through the doors of the clinic; 3,060 were immunized and the other 108 opted out, according to the college’s public affairs office.”

WHAT?!? WHAT?!? WHY?!? Do you realize that you can die from meningitis? Like, really die? Like, college students actually die, and have died, and will in all probability die in the future, from meningitis? Do you realize that NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU GET THE VACCINE?

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Sixth Man: Volleyball


The "jump up and block the ball" move is just one of many possible types of "volleys"

The “jump up and block the ball” move is just one of many possible types of “volleys” at a volleyball player’s disposal

This column used to exist regularly, we swear. You can find the archives here. This year, it spontaneously rises from the dead, like Neo amidst a hailstorm of bullets from Mr. Smith. Welcome back to Sixth Man. 

Here is the problem with going to a Brown sports event: you feel like you don’t fit in. At last night’s volleyball game, the surprisingly large crowd was composed of the following members: me, the weird guy sitting behind me definitely reading my notes over my shoulder the whole fucking game, 50 or so athletes, a bored-looking 9-year-old with an iPod, and a smattering of players’ parents bickering over how to pronounce various other players’ names. This was not the ideal atmosphere to take in my first-ever Brown volleyball game, alone, but I suppose that’s what you get when you don’t have many friends and agree to cover Brown sports.

I showed up five minutes late, which, to my dismay, was just in time for the national anthem. This isn’t an ultra-relevant concern, but why do we bother with the national anthem before sports games if it’s a generic taped CD version? I say it’s live or bust. You could even bring out one of those classically trained 11-year-olds to stumble through a botched rendition who makes it even more uncomfortable for the crowd than for her. That’s what we go to sports games for, right?

Anyway, I digress. Let’s talk volleyball. Brown was off to an 0-4 start going into Tuesday’s game, which sounded a whole lot worse until I found out that Tuesday’s opponent, Providence College, was 0-7 with straight-set losses to possibly fictional colleges Gardner-Webb and Southern Utah. They were not better than expected, either. I’ll save you the suspense–Bruno picked up its first win of the year in consecutive sets, 25-21, 25-22, 25-18.!”But what do all these numbers mean???” I hear you probably (not) asking. Good question. Volleyball matches are played in intervals of 25-point sets; win three sets, and you win the match. (I think there’s something special about the fifth set, if it comes to that, but this one didn’t go that long, so who cares.)

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Lamenting the Loss of Liquid

Empty liquidLiquid Lounge, that other venerable Angell Street institution, is closing its doors for good this month. It will be replaced by the English Cellar Alehouse, a traditional English pub.

The University has yet to announce an official period of mourning, but Brown students will surely lament the loss of the 13-year-old watering hole for many a weekend (as well as Thursday, Wednesday and even Tuesday?!) to come.

Nor have the anger, shame and disappointment been confined to our College Hill. “This is really upsetting,” Joanna, a Providence College sophomore, told BlogDailyHerald. “We’re all really mad here.”

Joanna, who called the concept of an English pub “very boring,” said she and her friends will always remember Liquid as their venue of choice for meeting Brown students.

The pub, which plans to offer an extensive selection of English and European liquors, will serve classic English “cuisine” for both lunch and dinner.

Perhaps this offers aggrieved Brown and PC students the possibility of a compromise. The English pub thing is all well and good after dark, but the bar’s management should at least let our thirsty student bodies have their Liquid lunch.

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