Pinkberry to open at Providence Place Mall

Pinkberry, the frozen yogurt franchise from Los Angeles, is opening this summer at the Providence Place Mall. For those of you whose first exposure to froyo was on Thayer Street, Pinkberry first opened in 2005 and, following its success and spread to the East Coast, competitors responded to the froyo sensation by opening other froyo chains and independent Pinkberry knock-offs… hence, Juniper on Thayer (once again: Sorry, Juniper).

The store hopes to open by July 12, according to Brian Galvin, who handles Pinkberry’s public relations. He also asked in an email to BlogDailyHerald what we’d think of a potential Pinkberry on Thayer. While we’re not making any promises, FroyoWorld and Juniper might face some neighborly competition soon.

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Did you see this? There’s no place like Providence Place Mall

Less-than-ideal housing lottery number got you down? Afraid of getting stuck with summer assignment? No worries, just be a little resourceful and design your own digs like Mike Townsend RISD ’94 did… when he built a secret apartment in the Providence Place Mall parking garage as a getaway back in the noughties.

they should have gone on MTV's Cribs

Home, sweet mall.

For him, PPM Christmas radio ads enthusing about how great it would be to live at the mall really hammered the message home. Taking the idea to heart, Townsend — founder of Providence public art collective Tape Art — and seven of his criminal connections friends created the fully furnished 750-square-foot dwelling, complete with china hutch, cinderblock wall and inconspicuous door. Starting in 2003, they lived in it for up to three weeks at a time, gettin’ cray watching TV on the sofa, playing video games on a PlayStation (which a burglar ended up stealing), and using the mall bathrooms (which surely can’t be worse than the ones in Keeney). A PPM spokesman described it as only “an area with stuff in it,”  but it sounds like he was just jealous of the raddest clubhouse ever. Embracing their hidden lifestyle, the eight squatters later called themselves “the Trummerkind” (German for “children of the ruins”).

The decked-out storage space included a passageway that allowed private access (#mischiefmanaged), which Townsend noticed during mall construction, but the entrance and architectural-anomaly-turned-loft was eventually busted in 2007. Townsend was arrested, charged with trespassing, and exiled from PPM. But man, it was worth it. After getting kicked out, he attracted press attention and turned the four-year clandestine installation into a project “out of a compassion to understand the mall more and life as a shopper” and to explore “what a home means.” Something to keep in mind as you do your ResLife research. Otherwise, there are always the rather spacious Keeney tunnels …

A Thousand Words: PF Chang’s

PF Chang’s is coming to Providence Place Mall!  Photo Cred: Jessica Brooke Hornig (’13)