Prof. Josiah Carberry misses Fri. Sept. 13th lecture, lets down Brown


I won’t lie — school has been wearing me down. Classes have started to take their toll; I’m tired, hungry, exhausted and I think I stepped on the Pembroke seal earlier today.

For all these reasons and more I was particularly excited to see notices around school announcing that Professor Josiah Carberry would be lecturing today, Friday September 13th, on his specialty — psychoceramics (the study of “cracked pots”). This year the topic was “metapsychoceramics,” a groundbreaking topic the depth, width and length of which far exceeds the Blog’s scope.

Was today to be another Watson and Crick (and Franklin?) announcing the double helix structure of DNA? Could it compare to the moon landings? I was confident it would at least dwarf NASA’s supposedly exciting news this week that Voyager I, a spacecraft launched in the 1970s, has become the first man-made object to leave our solar system.

For Carberry, I didn’t spare a single thought to that hunk of metal wandering 11.5 billion miles from Earth carrying the recordings of Blind Willie Johnson, a man who lived in abject poverty his whole life, whose stepmother blinded him with lye, and whose music just left the solar system.

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