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BlogDH presents: The Concentration Sorting Hat

Are you sophomore slumping and still haven’t decided which concentration to declare, with the deadline tomorrow at 5 p.m.? Or are you senior springing and wondering if you should have studied something completely different? Let the Concentration Sorting Hat tell you! There are over 75 possible concentrations at Brown, so we couldn’t include of all of them. We’ve selected five from different corners of the academic globe to give you a sense of direction during these tumultuous times. Answer the sorting hat’s questions to find out what you should really be studying. Don’t let the sword of Gryffindor poke you on the way out.

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An internal monologue while taking the “Girls” BuzzFeed quiz

Oh em effing gee. Finally, a quiz that will tell me which Girls character I am. I’m so tired of having this fight with my friends because I’m so obviously Hannah because I want “to feel it all” but of course, everyone wants to be Hannah. They’re like, shut up, you’re totally Shosh. And no one is ever Jessa. Just because you went abroad last semester doesn’t automatically make you any more of a Jessa.

So, let’s see… starting by choosing a frozen snack. That’s clever. Even though it seems totally arbitrary, they’re obviously channeling people who aren’t on meal plan and have to cook frozen food. I’ll take the potato skins. Hannah would totally eat them while trying to write. The sugar free popsicles are totally Marnie.

Which dog would I pet? So, do I choose the cutest? Because I hate petting random strangers’ dogs on the street. I don’t go up to and pet people’s children even though I think babies are much cuter than dogs. Oh, this may be like what dog would each character be. I’ll choose the Toy Spaniel, even though that seems like a Shosh dog. Oh well. I’ll make up for it later.

What do I do if I have a crush on someone…well I can actually base this on personal experience. “Freak out.” That was easy.

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Time-waster of the day: December 3, 2012

Your inability to confidently answer that the above headline was featured in The Onion is a testament just how bizarre the year 2012 has been thus far. Take BuzzFeed’s “Are These Headlines Real or from The Onion” quiz to see if you’re able to discern the strangest of truths from fiction.