Bad weather alert: Outdoor Spring Weekend concerts in jeopardy

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The forecast for Spring Weekend needs to change. The ten day forecast now displays there is a 40% chance of rain on Friday, and a 60% chance of rain on Saturday. In other words, it’s not looking good.

So what does that mean for us? The first possibility is that everything goes according to plan; it doesn’t actually rain, and we all get to enjoy the concert outside. There is also a chance that if it rains a small enough amount, we can still have the concert outside and enjoy Waka in the mud. It would take going hard in the paint to a whole new level.

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FlogDailyHerald: Umbrellas

Not even you, Rihanna, can redeem the umbrella.

Not even you, Rihanna, can redeem the umbrella.

As everyone knows and has complained about incessantly throughout the day (myself included), it is really rainy outside. With rain comes the usual rain gear – raincoats, boots, sadness and umbrellas.

All umbrellas are useless. That this has not yet been discussed on a national – dare I say international – level is shocking to me. So, let me begin the dialogue.

Some people have those tiny, flimsy umbrellas, which are annoying just because they don’t do anything so why did that person bother? In fact, all umbrellas don’t really do anything. They operate under the assumption that your rainy day has zero wind (which is stupid). All they really do is cover your head, which can easily be accomplished by wearing a hood.

All umbrellas break within a year of purchase. Have you ever had an umbrella last you more than a year? If the answer is yes, it’s only because you never used it, because it’s pointless.

Despite what some may tell you, there is no added bonus of an umbrella protecting multiple people from the rain. Have you ever had a pleasant experience walking under an umbrella with someone? No. Every time, you have to time your step according to your umbrella partner, resulting in an awkward, jerky and slow gait. If you were to forego the umbrella and walk at a normal pace with a raincoat on, you would get far less wet because umbrellas do nothing. Even if Rihanna offered me a place under her umbrella (ella…ella…ay…ay…ay), I would regretfully decline, out of principle.

And then there’s the worst kind of all: those massive umbrellas everyone who works on Wall Street uses. They are so damn big that on most sidewalks you actually cannot pass the person walking in front of you with that massive umbrella without walking under their umbrella for a brief, but painfully awkward, moment. So now I have to walk slower and get soaked because you are using an ineffectual piece of rain gear to keep your head dry, despite the invention of hoods way back when the first monk donned a habit.

Don’t get me started on people who use umbrellas to block the sun.

So, please. Invest in a raincoat or just get wet. You’re not the Wicked Witch of the West. Unless you use an umbrella.

[Ed’s note: This is one blogger’s opinion and does not represent the views of BlogDH’s edit board or staff. I like umbrellas and know I get significantly less wet carrying one. Also, whoever stole my umbrella outside Wilson 101 today, sending bad karma your way].

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PollerBears: Oh the weather outside is frightful…

#winterwonderland… Providence version.

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It’s November, which means a seemingly endless onslaught of heavy precipitation at temperatures just above freezing has begun. In the past few days, I’ve heard a myriad of terms used for the absolutely awful weather that most recently visited us on Monday.

So what is it? A wintry mix? Sleet? The Worst Thing? Let us know. In the meantime, we at BlogDH just wish it would snow already. Time to move to Buffalo.

What do you call that really unpleasant semi-solid precipitation we get so often?

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FlogDailyHerald: Wearing jeans in the rain

My mother always told me if you’re going to insult someone, you have to begin and finish with a compliment. With that in mind: Jeans, thank you for being one of the most dependable articles of clothing in my closet and in my heart.  Except for that one time you were bedazzled and that extended period of time you were “flared cut,” you’ve always had my best interest in mind… But it’s time we talked about the soggy elephant in the room. It’s no secret that sandals in the snow earns #1 worst clothing/weather combo, but when it comes to rain, Jeans, it’s time for you to get it together.


holy wet denim

I’m from New England; we’ve been through this before, but it’s different now that I have to walk across campus. Don’t tell me it’s my fault for not wearing rain pants, this isn’t BOLT and you know that. If you’re going to be the least water-resistant fabric known to mankind, at least learn to expedite the drying process. Sitting through a two and a half hour seminar is trying enough, but compounded with wet denim? Cruel. And while we’re talking about drying, maybe you could refrain from feeling the need to shrink yourself two sizes while I’m wearing you. I can’t keep squirming around in class as you form the world’s most uncomfortable second skin.

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Types of people you see in the rain

The rainy season is upon us. Blame whoever did the rain dance but, much like Shakira’s hips, the squish-squash of your steps don’t lie. Next time you go out, or observe people from your window, take a few moments to observe how your fellow Brunonians deal with the weather.

1. The “I’m cool” people

It’s not even that cold, guys. I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt and am without an umbrella — but I’m still cool. These bumps all over my arms and my legs, they’re not goosebumps. For others they might be referred to as such, but for me, they’re coolbumps.

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Flog Daily Herald: Rain

To state the glaringly obvious: it is raining (or was raining, depending on when this is published). And while I like thunderstorms on Facebook as much as the next girl, this weather is putting a serious damper (pun intended) on my day. There are infinite reasons why rain is at best inconvenient, and at worst a total, utter life-ruining disaster, but here are just a few:

1. Laundry

It has now rained two days in a row, which means I have now wasted two perfectly good pairs of leggings. They are both too wet to wear again for the next few days, and too dirty with rain chemicals (idk, I’m not a scientist) to be worn again ever until they are washed. Should this weather continue, or should I decide to go to the gym (but why would I), I will be forced to sacrifice even more articles of clothing to an untimely death by rain. Lucky for me, I have a virtually unending supply of black leggings, but even this stock will eventually run dry (another pun), and I will be forced to do laundry. This will cost me not only at least $3, but, even more valuable, at least an hour and a half of my time. If it weren’t for rain, I could surely make it at least 8 weeks without ever washing my clothes. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again.

2. Umbrellas

It will forever elude me why people continue to uphold the societally-shared illusion that umbrellas do anything. Umbrellas cover, maximum, 3 inches of your head. The rest of your body is still exactly as open to the elements as it would be if you just wore a hat. If anything, I think my legs get wetter when I use an umbrella due to water runoff. Moreover, umbrellas somehow have the unique ability to turn the most intelligent and able-bodied people into the walking blind. You know how large your umbrella is, so please account for that when you walk by someone. Yes, hitting someone in the face with your umbrella is kind of funny, but also kind of makes you an asshole.

3. When cars drive through puddles and you get splashed.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but truly nothing is worse. Granted, this happens to me far less in Providence than back in Chicago, but sheer PTSD from past, drenching experiences forces me to walk at least two feet from any curb at all times when it’s raining. Each time I am forced to cross the street and a car drives by, I brace my entire body for the inevitable tidal wave of water. That is no way to live!

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