Reading Period Survival Guide: Music

Reading period.  The final days of the academic year have crept up and even though the end is near, the assignments seem to keep piling up.  Not to worry because BlogDailyHerald has compiled a list of ways to keep your head above water during finals period in the Ocean State.

If you can actually manage to concentrate while listening to music, this is an excellent way to maintain your sanity.  Try to listen to music that helps you work and keeps you excited and engaged in what you are doing.  In picking good study music, there are many paths you can take to increase your productivity and excitement while writing a 4,500 word essay on the Politics of Cranberries or cramming to finish every ENGN90 case from the entire semester. We list some of our favorites after the jump-just please…PLEASE, don’t be that person who plays music WAY too loud in the library.  There is nothing worse than having to hear the muffled hum of a Muse album when you’re working through an impossible calculus proof. Continue Reading