The Blue Room: The Closest Thing to Your Mom

We see you, Blue Room. Thanks for being our in loco parentis, effectively powering our first day of classes with fresh and yummy produce,which includes grape tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, yellow papers, and spring mix lettuce, and helping us stick to one of our several New Year’s Resolutions. The only thing we’re missing is an empowering yet adorable note on a napkin from Mom, but we’ll take what we can get. Here’s to a happy (and healthy) shopping period, spring semester, and 2012!

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Those Blue Room iced coffee floats are back

The floats will be served until “seven-ish” according to Fitz, so get ’em while there’s still dirty chocolate ice cream left! Fitz says they’re too “decadent” to have every Friday afternoon, though they might return in the future.

But we love decadence.

Waffles in the Blue Room, errrday (this weekend)

The Blue Room wants to reward we few, we mighty few, we band of brothers who actually stayed on campus this weekend. With made-to-order Weekend Waffles!

These waffles are usually only available before 10 am, which means we’ve never woken up for them never happened to try them, but for this weekend they’ll be around from 10 am to 3 pm, Saturday through Monday. Toppings include but may not be limited to pure maple syrup, whipped cream, chocolate chips, assorted fruits and ice cream left over from yesterday’s wondrousness. Monday will feature the espresso ice cream flavor our friends went crazy over, so we’ll definitely be stopping by then. But why start today, the 10th day of the month of Tishrei, Blue Room? You are too cruel.

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Free chili samples in the Blue Room!

The Manhattan Chili Co. is giving out free chili in the Blue Room starting at noon. Get it while it’s hot!

(Campus)lifehacker: Improving your Blue Room muffins

Is there jam on your muffin? Would you like us to assign someone to put jam on your muffin?

If you’ve never noticed the free packets by the Blue Room registers, get with it and start making your baked goods more delicious.

We all know the problem with muffins is that the rest of the muffin will never be as good as the crunchy top part — which is where the jam comes in. Finally, you have a reason to eat the otherwise boring muffin bottom.  (Muffin bottom? lol.)

Our favorite combo? Corn muffins and strawberry jam, though we like the strawberry with lemon and poppy seed, too. We’d probably steer clear of the fruit muffins since that might be a little much. As for pistachio muffins: they are so good that they require no supplement.

Any other good combos you’ve tried?

Hey Bubbe, coconut macaroons at the Blue Room!

It’s not Pesach yet, but apparently the Blue Room is already getting in the chametz-free spirit — today there were macaroons. And they weren’t just any macaroons. They were coconut and they were enormous.

Like, big. Like, really big.

courtesy of Jess Bendit

(Not that we’re complaining. This is just to say that had they still been smaller, it would have been enough.  Dayenu.)

So, will they replace our current favorite coconut-based Blue Room item? When will these $3.25 beauties return? We’ll be doing our research