Sans Meal Plan: Brunch-tastic

Spring Week has come and gone (goodbye, collection of fratty tanks…), and reality has begun to sink in; the end of the semester is fast approaching.  As much fun as I had over Spring Weekend, I was more than ready to start using my kitchen again to create some delicious (and healthy) homemade meals after a week of Sno-Cones, popcorn, tater tots and an (over?)abundance of Baja’s. After buying all of the fruits and vegetables Eastside Marketplace had to offer, I set aside an entire afternoon for cooking, during which I made enough food to feed me for the week.  Of these dishes, my favorite was the one that gave me an excuse to eat my favorite meal — breakfast — three times a day.

Brunch is a glorious thing: it both facilitates and deems socially acceptable the simultaneous consumption of eggs, bacon, french fries, pastries, sandwiches, coffee and alcohol. Brunch is one of those meals that people usually eat at restaurants, because they (like myself) are much too lazy to actually prepare such a cornucopia on a lazy Sunday.  However, after a week of barely even opening the refrigerator, I was feeling inspired, and thought I would put in the effort to make a deliciously brunch-tastic tart. Continue Reading

Making Mondays Better: Recovery

While I couldn’t bring myself to add it to this week’s playlist, the video of Hot Problems definitely deserves some air time. We’re due for some Rebecca Black Fridayesque hilarity, and this video does the trick.

This Week’s Playlist

A$AP Rocky – Goldie
Produced by Hit-Boy. Remember Ni**as in Paris? Yeah, he produced that too. 
Asher Roth ft. Meek Mill – Party Girl
Azealia Banks – Hood Bitch
Curren$y ft. Daz Dillinger – Fast Cars Faster Women
MellowHigh – Go
Death Grips – I’ve Seen Footage

Austin Brown – Groove ’92
Fly Moon Royalty – Betta Have My Money   Continue Reading