Brunonian Interfaces 2.0

Do you want to put your foot through the computer every time you’re forced to use 25Live? Does sifting through Critical Review turn your brain into Silly Putty because the colors remind you of Silly Putty? Does seeing the Ratty Menu immediately squelch your appetite, not because of the food, but because of the ugly layout?

You’re in luck: this semester, students from CSCI1300: User Interfaces, taught by Professor Jeff Huang, honed their prowess in user experience design for their final project presentations, redesigning well-known Brown University interfaces.

[Note: Comments are not actually from Christina Paxson, Barack Obama, or any of the mentioned names below.]

wtf* Brown


The best place to start fixing is to fix the place that takes suggestions about what should be fixed! When you’re done repeating that sentence 20 times in a row, see below for a revamped version of wtf*brown, designed by Joe Engelman ‘17, Nate Parrott ‘17.5, and Erica Oh ‘18. This team created a mobile version of wtf*brown so that when the unappeasable thirst to fix something hits you, you can enter it into the application immediately.

To make wtf*Brown more interactive, the designers also devised a system encouraging students to up-vote a fix that they support by writing the issue on a Post-it and sticking it to the problem area. In theory, other students who agree with it can take a photo of the sticker to vote.

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Something big is coming to BlogDailyHerald

unnamedA week from today, you’re going to notice a big, big change on our site. Our redesign team (big shout out to Jason Hu ’15 and Joe Stein ’16 in particular) has been working tirelessly to make this pipe dream come true. It’s a long time coming, and we hope you love it as much as we do. Web sites with smirking bears that wear hats as their logos will never be the same.

In Blog We Trust,

The Editors

The Herald welcomes you to the new semester with a sparkly new website

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 5.19.07 PM

With the start of the new semester — and the icy wintry welcome Providence gave us for the first day of class — The Herald not only brought you a paper to welcome you to 2013 but yet another way to strategically waste time online.

On behalf of The Brown Daily Herald, BlogDH’s umbrella organization (or more affectionately, our wise older sibling who always makes curfew), we would like to cordially welcome you to The Herald’s sparkly, shiny, spankin’ new website.

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The Herald reveals its redesign

The Herald worked with both professional and student designers to create its new design. Our goal is to make the paper easier to read while also updating its look. Comment below, write us a letter or tweet @the_herald to let us know what you think!
  1. We created a new flag to modernize the look of our front page and display clearer, sharper Van Wickle Gates.
  2. We reduced our font by one point so that we can fit more photos and more graphics, and to allow us to space out our stories better. You get more content and more visuals with the same number of pages!
  3. We’ve moved our “Inside” section above the fold so you can see more of our stories right away.
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Scavenger Hunt: The Herald’s new look

Over the summer, The Herald’s design got a makeover, and it’s now more attractive and reader-friendly than ever! We’ve made 10 major changes (not including font alterations). Can you find them all? Check back later for a full description of The Herald’s design changes.