Alternative Commencement: A blog for seniors, by seniors

Robert Redford

As the year winds down, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of finals and lose the opportunity to do some reflecting. For many of us, the end of the year marks the start of new summer adventures, but with the knowledge that we can once again return to College Hill. For others, however, this end means that their time here at Brown has come to a close. Whether this incites excitement, sadness, or uncertainty depends from person to person.

Despite what you feel, you now have the opportunity to share. Enter Alternative Commencement, a blog created by seniors Ana Olson  ’14 and Kayla Rosen ’14. Their blog allows Brown seniors to speak their mind and present what they would say if they could speak during commencement. The submissions can be poems, essays, or any other form of art. Basically, it is a completely open space for any senior to write whatever a senior wants, whether it’s about Brown, or just life in general. It’s a really cool opportunity for people to get their thoughts and emotions in writing before the end of the year comes around.

For more information, check out Alternative Commencement’s Facebook page, or read some of the submissions yourself on the blog. If you want to submit a piece of your own, email it to either or

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