BlogDH goes to Asian Cafe


Like many Brown students, we were bummed to say goodbye to Spats– a go-to bar and hangout spot on Angell street. Needless to say, when Asian Cafe announced its opening, we knew we had to try it. We sent five of our most adventurous writers to give Asian Cafe a try in the name of journalism.

For your reading pleasure, we’ve compiled a number of our thoughts to give you an insight into the holistic Asian Cafe experience.

Initial impressions:

  • “I was skeptical about the cost efficiency of all you can eat for $20. Would I really eat more than twenty bucks worth of sushi, tempura, etc. in one sit down, with no take-home allowed? Potentially, if I were trashed, and hadn’t gorged myself with Annie’s Mac and Cheese a few hours earlier. Nonetheless, I threw my fucks to the wind, and ordered a couple of pieces of raw sushi, seaweed salad, sweet potato tempura, and ice cream (duh). I considered consolidating all of the tables orders onto one of those Mad-Libs esque menu sheets (what is an adverb that also tastes like spicy yellowtail?), but I figured, ‘nah, the restaurant’s got this.’”
  • “Spats was an important place for me on campus — not because I ever went there, besides the time that I was kicked out for ‘disorderly conduct,’ but because my Dad had decided upon my move-in to Brown that Spats was where it was at. Every time we talked on the phone he’d ask ‘so how’s my fave place Spats with the 20 oz. beers?’ Needless to say, I felt an obligation to welcome the new restaurant on the block.”
  • “There were around twenty to thirty people already in the establishment, which was encouraging. No one seemed too upset…yet.”
  • “I miss Spats.”

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Providence’s Best (and Worst) Date Spots


Maybe it’s the inspiring autumnal backdrop, the joy that stems from crunchy leaves under our feet, or the fact that it’s the perfect weather for sharing your coat with a new special someone. Whatever the reason may be, the dating season is upon us.

With the help of my fellow Bloggers, I’ve compiled a list of ideal – and unacceptable – date spots, based on factors such as ambience, price, and the probability of something awkward happening. Now go out there and face the horror embrace the beauty that is a first date!


Located on Hope Street, Sawadee is one of your best options for date night. This Thai joint is a Brown student favorite and is a good balance of on- and off-campus eating (i.e. still near campus, but far enough away as to not make you look lazy). It’s also BYOB! The yummy food and cozy (read: small) atmosphere make for good conversation, and will leave your date with the impression that you have an adventurous palate. On a similar note, make sure that the person you’re taking out likes Thai.

Price: $
Atmosphere: 8/10
Avoid: Sitting at one of the shoulder-to-shoulder two tops. One time, my date and I accidentally ate dinner with a former roommate and her entire family. The booths are cozier and more secluded.

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Cone Zone update: weekend special

For our geometric friends who refuse to eat pancakes not in the shape of Mickey Mouse or consume alcohol not in the shape of jell-o shots, the new cone restaurant on Thayer was made for you. It calls itself Toledo, but it has made its way through the Brown circuit referred to as “All in a Cone”. The restaurant takes its moniker from the fact that regular food disguises itself as a cone. In order to preserve its meaning, let’s just refer to it as the “cone clones” (take a cue, G. Lucas!).

In order to celebrate its opening, the restaurant is slashing prices to $1 or $2 for all its menu items from Friday until Sunday. Its outside states that it serves pizza, Mediterranean food, salads, and more in cones. What is the most pressing issue, however, is whether they serve ice cream in cones or in a cooler, alt-er shape.