FlogDailyHerald: Dramatic Yelp reviewing

So, this Family Weekend my parents treated a couple of my friends and me to a dinner on Federal Hill.  Since we’re all a bunch of indecisive shmucks—or maybe we’re just given too many options—we took to Yelp to essentially choose a restaurant for us. (We also sifted through reviews for a good two hours, but that’s another story.) While “sifting,” I stumbled upon a specific review of one of the restaurants:

I’m sorry, doesn’t this seem a bit dramatic? As Professor Hazeltine would say, “Am I making any sense at all?” Yes, you think the restaurant’s bad. Please don’t deliver a digital monologue on your misplaced sorrows. Indeed, it seems that this Yelper’s experience involved unearthing some serious neurosis about this one restaurant — “outdoor seating, chic drinks” and “people watching” are possibilities no more, now realized as merely wistful imaginings washed out by an experience on that one dreary night after those “few fleeting hours.” What kind of ethereal nonsense were people telling the Yelper about this restaurant? Are there any other places to get these “chic drinks”? And how many hours was it, really, before it was no longer the reviewer’s “summer spot”? I’d like to know.

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(BlogDH) Veggie Fun RI

Looking for a delicious restaurant that meets all of your kosher, vegan, pan-asian needs? Look no further! Veggie Fun RI is the place to be. You will feel at peace from the restaurant’s soothing ambiance from the moment you walk in. Bring a few friends and relax over its aesthetically pleasing and oh-so large mugs as you choose from its awesome selection of teas (we recommend the Raspberry Earl and the Fire Light Chai). If tea isn’t your thing, and you’re over 21, check out their extremely extensive bar menu, ranging from six different wine lists and hot and cold sake to margaritas.

Let’s talk appetizers. Choose from your all of your pan-asian favorites, or venture off into Veggie Fun’s original specialties. We recommend the autumn rolls, filled with shredded vegetables, enoki mushrooms, and bamboo shoots wrapped in fire-red soybean sheets; they come with an amazing sriracha-like dipping sauce. Or try the crispy soy nuggets with tangy, Asian dipping sauces. You’ll be willing to ditch the V-Dub vegan nuggets for these. Continue Reading

Welcome back…now go eat! It’s Providence Restaurant Week

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 12.11.52 PM

Don’t lament over your departure from six weeks of mom’s home cooking. Luckily for us, nearly 100 restaurants in Providence and Massachusetts are participating in Providence Restaurant Week, making the transition from home life just a little bit easier. From Sunday January 13th through Saturday January 26th, these high-end eateries will be offering three-course prix-fixe lunches and dinners, as well as two-for-one specials. Now that a lot of us are back on campus with nothing to do, there’s no better time to take advantage of Providence dining. For more information, a list of participating restaurants, and all of the drool-worthy menus, check out Go Providence’s website. Welcome back, and happy feasting!

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New Kid on the Block: Mike’s Calzones

Extra, extra, read all about it! In the space where candy could once be purchased according to weight (no, not Lil Jo’s – J&J’s Candy Bar), Mike’s Calzones has set up shop. The new food joint at 288 Thayer Street opened Monday afternoon, boasting a menu of (gasp!) calzones, starters, wraps, subs and salads at an affordable, college student price.

The list of calzones offered is extensive, ranging from “Veggie Lovahz” to “Chicken Bacon Ranch” and beyond (word on the inside, however, is that “Buffalo Chicken” is where it’s at). If you can’t find love in their calzone options, you can always design your own calzone with mozzarella and a choice of four “toppings” (I instead might refer to these as “stuffings”).

Mike’s is open Sunday-Thursday 10am-10pm and Friday and Saturday 10am-11pm. We all know that the pizza cone couldn’t find its place up on College Hill, but I think the more portable calzone may be solid competition for the Nice Slice and Antonio’s crowd. Let’s give it the old college try and give Mike a chance, shall we?

Sans Meal Plan: You’ve Got Company!

One of the liberties of being off meal plan that I (perhaps too often) indulge in is the ability to eat off campus. And, though Thayer does offer Brunonia a surprisingly eclectic and delicious range of restaurant choices (late-night or otherwise), it can get tiresome eating the same thing over and over again. Many visitors to Providence don’t realize the sheer number of superb restaurants in the area and are utterly surprised by the choices available. This weekend, a good friend from home is staying with me while on the pursuit of being a successful person (a.k.a. Brown Med School interview), and I want to take this time to both selfishly indulge in many of the restaurants within a walkable radius and show off Providence to someone who has never experienced her in all her glory.

Granted, there will probably be at least one meal eaten on Thayer (Meeting Street cookies? Late night Baja’s? Nice Slice for someone who doesn’t have much experience with New York style thin-crust pizza?), but I’m on a mission to talk-up Providence and its coolness factor. (I’ll downplay the rain a bit. And the masturbators.) So, where does one take a guest who has yet to experience the 401 and is on a student budget?  My plan is to start by interrogating him before each meal to figure out what kind of food he wants. Indian? Mediterranean? Italian? Asian fusion? Continue Reading

I ate off of Thayer, and I liked it: Where to force your parents to take you this weekend

We all know and love the best weekend of the year: Family Weekend.  Upperclassmen look fondly back on the time when their parents would visit for a couple of days to replenish snacks, buy new clothes for the upcoming bitter months and look for excuses to pawn useless dorm necessities off on us.

Often, parents will try and utilize this opportunity to relive their college years while simultaneously bonding with their now-adult children.  Read: they want to eat in the dining hall.  And to that, we must be strong! Be principled! Stand up for yourself and for all that tastes good in the world! Demand food off-campus before it’s too late and you start to notice leftovers being served in the Ratty three days in a row.  Providence was named the third best city for foodies in America [via], and now is the time to take advantage ofeducate your parents on some of the wonderful food offered here.  Let them drive you wherever your their heart desires and bask in the glory of the foodie-heaven that is Providence.  Even if fancy food isn’t your style, at least use this weekend as an opportunity to get off Thayer Street.  I know we thought that Paragon would never get old, but alas…

Pricey-but-worth-it Dinner

  • Al Forno Restaurantwww.alforno.com, 577 South Main Street, Providence, (401) 273-9760

Made famous by their amazing appetizer pizza, this classy (and relatively pricey) Italian restaurant is first-rate.  Just a hop, skip and jump away from Whisky Republic, this restaurant truly offers some of the best Italian food that can be found on this side of the Atlantic. Open Tuesday through Sunday, Al Forno does NOT take reservations, is fairly small and fills up FAST: plan accordingly.  Continue Reading