PollerBears: Should we be allowed to breathe heavily in the Leung Gallery?


Things have come to a head in that large space above the Blue Room. We’ve heard stories of students getting death stares for chomping on some carrots and stern shushing for zipping up a jacket. It’s clear that right now the Leung Family Gallery is a “quiet zone,” like those in the Rock and Scili. But how many hyper-silent spaces do we need on campus? It seems that silence has already taken over the upstairs space of Andrews Commons. We at BlogDailyHerald believe the student body should have power over the decibel level of the Leung Gallery (unlike, say, in the Scili basement).

On one side, we have those that argue that there are plenty of other quiet spaces on campus (AQR, 4th floor of the Scili). What the University really needs, they insist, is more recreational spaces to just hang out in. And besides, enforcing the silence of the Leung Gallery is turning us into just the worst kinds of study buddies.

On the other side are those who would keep the chit-chat to the Blue Room below. It’s not like Faunce doesn’t have plenty of other places in which chill and eat those carrots.

I know we often take a joking tone to our polls, but we’re taking this one seriously. If a solid majority of students vote for it on this poll, BlogDailyHerald will launch an all-out campaign to transform the Leung Gallery into a space in which basic conversation is allowed. If you vote to keep the Leung Gallery silent in the poll, we will accept the room’s current state. Now, let your voices be heard!

Do you think the Leung Gallery should be a silent space?

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