RISD Craft 2015: A few of my favorite things

This past Saturday, Benefit Street hosted RISD Craft 2015, an exhibition of both alumni and current students’ work. It was cool, artsy, and well attended by cute dogs, making the terrible walk back uphill worth it. There were over 100 artists at the fair, so in case you didn’t make it, or in case you did but were overwhelmed by the cute dogs, here are a few artists not to be missed.



Tyler the Creator has a pair of these amazing kicks and you can get them too! Vaughan Carman, a sophomore double majoring in apparel and print making, takes plain white shoes and then draws repetitive patterns on them, giving them an aesthetic that echoes Keith Haring and Zio Ziegler’s. Distinctively colorful, you can’t help but be mesmerized by the pattern’s lively movement despite them being unmoving 2D designs on canvas shoes. Where can you find him? Check out his Instagram: Vaughan_Carman or his behanceWhat’s next for him? He will be working on a London O’Connor music video as well as continuing work on murals.


On the complete opposite side of the artistic spectrum is M.Benjamin Herndon, a student working towards his MFA in printmaking. Self described in one word as “quiet,” Herndon’s art is breathtaking. The prints draw their influence from a variety of sources– German Romanticism, the minimalism of the 60’s and 70’s, and traditional Japanese art– yet they share a kind of cohesion. They’re haunting, smoky, and hard to turn away from. The juxtaposition of airiness and shadows culminates in an etherial and hypnotic way. In the end, the prints are just really cool. Where can you find him? His website! What’s next for him?  Look forward to some upcoming exhibitions this spring.

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