A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: ‘In Search of Air’

Lida Winfield performing "In Search of Air."

Lida Winfield performing “In Search of Air.”

Although we are sometimes reluctant to admit it, RISD has cool things going on. One such event is “In Search of Air,” a dance and theatre performance by Vermont dancer, choreographer, and spoken word artist Lida Winfield.

“In Search of Air” chronicles Winfield’s struggles growing up with a learning disability and her ultimately triumphant journey towards literacy, which she achieved in her early twenties. Combining gravitas and humor, Winfield’s piece attempts to explore a group of children thrust to the fringes of society.

“Every child with a behavioral, social, physical or learning disability was tucked in the same room. We were angry children,” Winfield writes on her website.

In typical hipster RISD fashion (although they aren’t as hipster as we are…), this performance piece is interdisciplinary and explores the holes in our ability to communicate, both verbally and nonverbally.

“In Search of Air” is one night only, being performed tonight from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at 226 Benefit Street. Admission is free.

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Ra Ra Brunonia: RISD


Ra Ra Brunonia is back with another exciting installment about our slightly more creative/hip counterpart down the hill, RISD (pronounced riz-dee).  Though a journey to the Rhode Island School of Design does require a bit of a trek, the school holds an incredibly deep-rooted history that is rightly overlooked by the impressive work that is regularly pumped out of the institution. While Brown does indeed pride itself on the being the ‘Creative Ivy,’ the buck stops right around Benefit Street, where scores of students with drafting boards will literally etch out the artistic dreams of Brunonians. I’m sorry, someone had to say it.

Despite the seemingly mysterious aura it exudes, RISD serves as an unbelievable resource for Brown students and should neither be overlooked nor avoided. Yes, RISD may be notorious for its cutthroat critiques, six-hour studios and Olneyville Warehouse parties, but at the end of the day, we are all children of the great city of Providence and should get along as such. Reading through the sarcasm, the city of Providence is quite relevant to RISD as an institution and truly provided the backbone for its establishment.

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RISD model call

If you’ve ever wondered if modeling was your true calling but haven’t had a place to practice your Blue Steel or Tyra Smize, here’s something for you to try: On Thursday, October 11, from 7:00–9:00 p.m. the RISD apparel department is having an open casting call for student models (male or female; all shapes and sizes—short/tall, skinny/not skinny) to model garments for its fall and spring collections. Open call is at Market House. And just to clarify: no, it is not nude modeling for drawing class. All models will be fully clothed. Please come clothed.