Roommate Ice Breakers Vol. 3: The Essential Questions

Despite Michael’s departure and Dwight’s impending spinoff, Brown alumnus Jim Halp—John Krasinski has remained one of the highlights of NBC’s The Office.

In his shining moment, Krasinski led a series of time-wasters after a cheesy pita resulted in a profusion of smoke and very little fire. Jim, gathering most of the office, asks for “Desert Island Picks” and “Who Would You Do?” These little icebreakers might be a little predictable, but the answers are always surprising. Sure, “Who Would You Do?” do is a little crass, but the answers to such questions speak volumes about your newfound friend’s proclivities and cultural taste (and sexual tastes, too). Check out what the answers mean after the jump.

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Roommate Ice Breakers Vol. 2: Burn/wash the ice away

Let’s admit it, college movies never succeed at depicting realistic levels of…fun. Drake Bell, may his career rest in peace, starred in College, which, while absolutely devoid of laughs, actually made a solid attempt at detailing the amount of student fun. I mean, fun is something everybody had in high school, at least in small amounts. Some small town police were more like fun police, which many would argue is just ridiculous.

The fact of the matter is:  most roommates just want to have fun together.  Whether your fun comes in a plastic container or smells like god’s vagina, you will likely be able find a partner in crime in your roommate. People down the hall will obviously join in the fun. And then there will be a party, with lots…and lots…and lots of fun.

Only recommendation from us would be to keep the volume down and become buddies with your RC. In the best case scenario, your RCs not only ignore the fun-having but also join in the fun on occasion.

Up next: The Office inspires some of the greatest ice breaker/time wasters of all time—and you don’t even need a computer!

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Roommate Ice Breakers Vol. 1: Help with move-in

Hellooooo class of 2016!

So, we’re sure all of you have committed crimes of excessive Facebook stalking in anticipation of meeting your RANDOMLY ASSIGNED ROOMMATE, but the fact of the matter is this: you will not get to know, tolerate and ultimately appreciate your roommate without spending time with them.

Well, if you’re going to have to start breaking the ice, you might as well benefit from it. Thus, our first recommended ice breaker is literally helping each other move in. Not only will the move-in happen faster (especially for those on top floors), but you’ll make small talk with your (hopefully) new friend and his or her parents. Be nice to parents, because if you’re a real charmer, you might get a free meal out of it. Continue Reading