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The Herald's fall 2011 undergraduate survey

Every semester, The Herald conducts a survey of the undergraduate student body on a number of issues. Some questions, such as approval of Ruth Simmons and UCS, frequently appear on the poll, while many of the others change each semester. This semester’s poll asked:

  • Whether or not students would consider joining an ROTC program, at Brown or another school
  • How many sexual partners students have had so far this semester
  • What students think of their class sizes
  • What students think of the number of admissions spots that are reserved for athletic recruits
  • How well students think Ruth Simmons and UCS are doing their jobs
  • How satisfied or dissatisfied students are with academic advising
  • How students see their families’ wealth compared to that of the “average Brown student”
  • How confident students are in getting a desirable job after graduation
  • What electronic devices students own

Check out the article with the full results here! (Disclaimer: I wrote the article.)

Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of articles, each of which goes into depth about one specific poll question. More reasons to read The Herald every day!

Breaking Herald news update: Simmons recommends against restoring ROTC

President Simmons released a letter to the community today recommending against restoring the ROTC program on Brown’s campus. This position comes after the release of a June 30, 2011 report by the Committee on ROTC which recommended reconsidering the complete ban of ROTC. The report specifically suggested that the University reach out to the Department of Defense to expand currently available off-campus ROTC opportunities for students. Find the full text of Ruth’s letter here, and check out the Herald website for full in-depth coverage.

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