Princeton band surprises Ratty breakfast, students still asleep

The (two) students in the Ratty got a treat for breakfast this morning. No, not crepes again or cupcake day—just Princeton’s Marching Band storming the dining hall.

The small huddled masses of hungover sleepy students got renditions of Tequila, 99 Luftballoons and Rock Lobster delivered in boater hats and orange-black checker blazers (though they might have needed more pieces of flair).

Reception ranged from amused to are-you-fucking-kidding-me. Gail, however, seemed to enjoy herself.

Earlier this morning, the marching band also brought the gift of music to the equally desolate Rock, which had the added enjoyment of observing a tuba player get stuck in the revolving door.

It wasn’t nearly as cool as Drumline.