No school tomorrow, again!!


The SciLi during Juno, the last time classes were cancelled.

As the bombardment of snow continues, Russell Carey and the rest of the Brown community cede to the weather by canceling classes. If you haven’t played in the snow these last two blizzards, tomorrow is your chance to shine. Actually though, consider wearing sunglasses; this winter wonderland is reflective as heck.

This blizzard is supposed to be a long one, with snowfall continuing into Tuesday, and cold temperatures all of this week. The Ratty will most likely be the only dining facilities open tomorrow, from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m, but check the BDS website for later information. A city wide parking ban goes into effect at midnight. Here’s a word on missing class from the announcement email:

We understand missing a second day of classes this early in the semester is disruptive for faculty and students, and we do not make this decision lightly. However, we believe doing so is prudent given the anticipated conditions – especially during the morning and evening commutes tomorrow – and the driving, parking and walking conditions around the campus due to the record snowfalls to date this season. The Dean of the College will follow-up with faculty this week regarding options to make-up missed class time this semester.

Ahem, let’s all try and ignore that bit about ‘make-up missed class time’ for now and just enjoy the two long weekends in a row that we’ve been blessed with.

Images via Caitlin Dorman ’16.