A Thousand Words: Ruth Carnival

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If you’ve ever posted on Spotted@Brown with the hope that someone would return the wallet you dropped on Wriston last weekend, you’re in luck.  Brown students no longer have to invade the popular missed connections site to locate their missing things, thanks to a brand new website called LostAtBrown.  The brainchild of Ian Callender ’15, LostAtBrown has pages where you can list both lost and found items.

Right now it seems like just about anything is fair game for LostAtBrown.  Someone is apparently really eager to find the red spork he lost in Keeney, and a bunch of benevolent students want to return items they mistakenly took with their laundry.  This site has a lot of potential for some great listings, so here are some you can probably expect to see in this new virtual lost and found in the coming weeks.


  • Course requirements.  Last seen: 1968.
  • One University President.  Last seen: hugging a freshman.
  • Sanity.  Last seen: SciLi, 2:00am.
  • Freshman virginity.  Last seen: DPhi.
  • 96 points.  Last seen: Orgo exam.  Continue Reading

The Ultimate Gesture of Ruth Appreciation: October Edition

When Ruth announced her retirement effective at the end of the school year, there were obviously many questions that needed answering. Who would be Brown’s next fearless leader? Would Armageddon be triggered by Ruth’s departure? Would he/she be equally huggable? With these questions in the air, it makes perfect sense that Brown’s always-creative student body would take its appreciation for Ruth to a whole new level (though the outpouring at Saturday’s tailgate was higher than expected). Continue Reading