A fond farewell to Ruth and a warm welcome to Chris

July 1, 2012 marks the end of one era and the beginning of another in Brunonia. Although we were informed of Ruth’s departure last September, and were subsequently presented with finger sandwiches, fancy water cooler things, and Paxson’s amazing yellow scarf back in early March, things just got real: Today, President Ruth Simmons’ eleven-year term officially drew to a close, and President Christina Paxson‘s term officially began.

Yet as we bid a final farewell to our beloved Prez Ruth Simmons, her charisma, and her overall awesomeness, we take comfort in knowing that she will be immortalized as we plan to enjoy future Fall Concerts, Mande finals, and Campus Dances on Ruth’s Quad.  We’ve finally come to terms with Ruth’s departure after a baccalaureate address, a carnival, and several tear-jerking montages and tributes; now, we can’t wait to discover what Chris has in store for us (and yes, we’ll gladly “feel free” to be some of the people who call her Chris).

Pax Brunonia starts now!

Images by Emily Gilbert ’14 and Rachel Kaplan ’14.

Ruth appreciation flash mob!

The audio didn’t really come through on our impromptu recording of Brown’s dance group flash mob at the campus celebration for President Simmons, so, for the full effect, play this link to Beyonce’s “End of Time” while you watch the video.

A Thousand Words: Ruth Carnival

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We love you, Ruth!

We dare you not to tear up while watching this.

Free food digest: April 25, 2012

Eat free or dine trying.


Well, events.brown.edu failed us – you can search all around campus this evening but you won’t find a gathering of fun folks with free food whose meeting you can crash.

…but why would you want to go to a lecture when Ruth Simmons’ going-away party will be filling up the Main Green with more free eats than you can shake an obese stick at? From 3–5 p.m. the Corporation, those feisty darlings of the BDH Opinions page, and SPEC, providers of the Spring Week carnival and sky/pole dancers, are going to provide us with pizza, some Mexican and Indian treats, hot dogs, and a variety of carnival munchies, including Rhode Island’s classic doughboys. Our arms might be too full with saturated fat to give Ruth one last hug, so follow our lead and just send thank-you postcards.

The Third Annual State of Brown with President Simmons

Want to hear the t(Ruth) about the current state of Brown? The Undergraduate Council of Students presents the 3rd annual State of Brown address with President Ruth Simmons. Simmons will discuss the current state of Brown and her vision of Brown’s future.

Come out to support your beloved president one last time as she gives her final scheduled address to the entire student body TODAY (3/15) in the Salomon DeCiccio Auditorium at 4 p.m.