We’ve got the November Blues

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November sucks. It plays with our emotions by giving us false hopes of better days (i.e. December). This month is just weird in particular. It’s kinda just there, like that TA in class who no one really acknowledges. Sadly, we are unable to fast forward to the holidays when people are jolly, ugly sweaters are no longer ugly, and Mariah Carey serenades us down every street. Below are a few reasons why November makes everyone gloomy and should just be cancelled, and some solutions to get you to December safely and soundly (emphasis on soundly).

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We love you, Ruth!

We dare you not to tear up while watching this.

R.I.P., The Edge

In our recent BlogDailyPoll, only 6.5 percent of you chose The Edge for “best coffee on the East Side.”

Unfortunately, the 93.5 percent of you who didn’t understand the magic of The Edge will now never understand because IT IS CLOSED FOREVER.

Oh, cruel world! Our only consolation? The owners left behind a parting gift.  Their pumpkin muffin recipe, posted on the closed café’s shuttered doors…

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No Longer the Happiest! :(


Yesterday was a sad, sad day for Brown University. The Princeton Review rolled out its annual batch of Arbitrary College Enumerations, and our beloved Brown University was shockingly absent from the #1 spot on the  Happiest Students list. Sure we are still number three, but we were dethroned by Rice University (?) and Clemson University (double ?).

What the Princeton Review doesn’t realize is that we Brown students have never been as unhappy as we were yesterday when our crown was stolen. Jenny Bloom ’12 wept over a Meeting Street cookie wondering if “it [were] just a self-fulfilling prophecy.”  Other students have taken to the streets crying for the rightful reclamation of our title. But most students have just sat on windowsills wondering what Rice and Clemson kids have that they don’t, besides the absence of a snowy, long, depressingly cold winter–who smells unfair advantage? Huffington Post voted us the 6th most hipster school (aren’t hipsters perpetually happy rubbing their egos?) and GQ took us out of the running for douchiest college, but this doesn’t seem to have helped us. Is it because we’re the next Ivy behind Princeton, Harvard and Yale in the 2011 Forbes rankings? Why oh why, Princeton Review, would you assume that we’re even a fraction as miserable as the students at those highly depressing regarded institutions? See BlogDailyHerald’s happiness solution after the jump Continue Reading