Cup o’ (Pro)Jo


Kim Perley / Herald

Here’s the latest installment of your daily dose of Projo news.

A North Kingston man was arrested after interfering with tow truck operators who attempted to remove his car from a half-frozen pond, apparently after becoming concerned that the efforts would damage the vehicle that he valued enough to drive into the pond “after watching another motorist do the same thing.”

Sir Salman Rushdie, author of such acclaimed novels as “The Satanic Verses,” is slated to speak at Brown on February 16th.  Also known for a tricky run-in with a fatwa and a habit of being linked to attractive ladies, Rushdie’s appearance is sure not to disappoint.

A special WaterFire showing is set to happen tonight for a lucky group of travel industry insiders. Nice try, WaterFire organizers, but your stealthy lack of publicity and attempt to turn our favorite Providence spectacle into an exclusive affair won’t work this time.  See you at 8:15.

—Claire Peracchio