SPONSORED: We have a new Geoff’s sandwich!


The newly created “Brunonian” sandwich at Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches is finally here! BlogDH asked you for your suggestions,  and after narrowing it down to a poll of five, one sandwich was victorious. After 581 votes cast, our winner took 34% of the votes and beat its closest competitor 195 to 144.

We would like to congratulate Herald Senior Editor Maddie Berg ’15 for the creation of the “Brunonian” sandwich! This sandwich contains hot turkey, apple, cheddar, and honey mustard on a buttered, toasted superlative roll. Berg credits her win to her favorite ingredient. “It’s all about the apple—crisp, refreshing, and the perfect tang,” said Berg.

BlogDH would like to thank Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches for giving us the opportunity to make this sandwich. It is truly an honor to have  a created sandwich for Brunonians that is now on the famous chalkboard menu. Head to Geoff’s to taste this new creation.

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PollerBears: What do you want the Brunonian sandwich to look like?


After weeks of deliberation and many truly tasty-sounding suggestions (and one that included bald eagle meat… weird), we are proud to bring to you the finalists for the new Brunonian sandwich at Geoff’s. What will its ingredients be? It’s up to you.

What do you want the Brunonian sandwich to look like?

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Chow Down Brown: Blue State State of Mind

The College Hill Café brings together two spectacular things: Blue State’s coffee and the ability to use declining balance. It’s hard to even consider going to the Blue State hub further up Thayer when you can use Monopoly money at its bookstore location. If you’re lucky enough to snag a table near a plug, it makes an excellent study location, too, within easy reach of as much caffeine as your little heart desires.

This experience is only made all the merrier by the discovery of two more spectacular things: dirty chai and grilled cheese. Dirty chai, in addition to being fun to order, is delicious to drink. It’ll give you your coffee jolt and tea fix simultaneously by way of an espresso shot dumped into a tall glass of creamy, spicy chai. (How did it take humanity so long to put those two together?) Sip this alongside Blue State’s rendition of the grilled cheese, which panini-presses multigrain bread with sharp white cheddar until it’s charred just-so, providing you with a crispy, melty, soul-warming final product. The sandwich itself inspires angelic choruses; the combination is a magical thing, the perfect fuel for a Sunday afternoon spent studying.

Chow Down Brown: Blue Room Sandwiches and the Paradox of Choice

The feeling is one of sheer triumph. You’ve agonized and hungered and pined, and at long last, your time has come. Sustenance is near! As you close in on that coveted spot at the front of the Blue Room sandwich line, though, the plethora of options strikes you with acute and crippling indecision. There’s always pressure to strike on that perfect configuration of condiments and lunch meats, the one that’ll make the stars line up and your heartstrings play a little concerto. Each question that those winsome BUDS workers asks–bread? sauce? (on one side or two?) etc.–is an opportunity to lead yourself astray. Here’s a guide to the Pandora’s box to keep in your back pocket, a line-up of surefire winners so that no one is ever again faced with a salami-tabbouli-banana pepper-goat cheese travesty.

Power Play: Listen close, friends; this is something of an opus. Start with ciabatta, then ask for goat cheese on one side and balsamic vinaigrette on the other. Next on the hit list is salami, but ask also for prosciutto and mozzarella, which you, sly minx!, will later remove and eat on their own. For greenery, add arugula and basil, plus tomatoes if they aren’t sallow. This is best eaten outside alongside Spindrift lemonade, preferably on the Faunce steps during the next spell of warm weather.   Continue Reading