Cliff’s Notes from the Prison-Industrial Complex 101 Teach-In


Last night, Students Against the Prison-Industrial Complex (SAPIC) held a teach-in in Leung Gallery to “discuss the history of these institutions [the prison system and the prison-industrial complex (PIC)], their modern manifestations, and potential futures.”

When Brown and its student body presents opportunities to further our education outside the classroom, in ways perhaps more important, we’ve gotta hop on them. Thus, the PIC teach-in was one of those opportunities, opening students’ eyes wider about injustice in the justice system, the patterns it presents and perpetuates, and, most shockingly, how Brown and its corporation plays into that.

If you couldn’t make the event, have no fear–we’ve got you covered with BlogDH’s Cliff’s Notes: an extensive yet abridged guide to what we all should and need to know.

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