Providence, Rhode(s) Island, ‘home’ of four new scholarship recipients

Rhodes scholarships, ever heard of them? They’re really hard to get.

But today, Brown’s embrace of subjective learning has translated to objective returns — four students (Brianna Doherty ’12, Nabeel Gillani ’12, Emma LeBlanc ’11, David Poritz ’12—featured in video below) were awarded 2012 Rhodes Scholarships. If you do a bit more research, you’ll find that Brown has tied for number of earned scholarships with Harvard and Princeton, sitting in a comfortable ‘second place’ behind Stanford’s five. This sort of competition, however, ultimately means very little, since scholarships are awarded by residential region, not by university. Our four winners represent California, New Hampshire, Virginia and Massachusetts, respectively. Having said that, are these awards an affirmation that learning differently with the New Curriculum inspires the same big ideas as conventional academic plans? #duh. Congratulations, Brunos—you will all surely make big waves across the pond!