Pollerbears: What is the quietest space on campus?

Even the freshmen must have figured this out by now: Brown students create quiet study spaces where there are no laws mandating silence, and talk and chew food where signs tell us to do otherwise. As rule-breakers and trendsetters, we don’t care that the Rock’s “Absolute Quiet Room” has a sign prohibiting laptop use or that the Leung Gallery was actually meant to be an upper Blue Room social space. We talk or don’t talk as we please! We type where we want. Except for the Hay; everyone respects the Hay.

Rules no one ever has followed

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Particularly laughable is the SciLi’s attempt to tell us what decibel level to speak at in specific areas. I have no idea how many decibels normal speaking voice or whispering is, but I do know that the 00 decibel space is definitely supposed to be quieter than the 75 decibel space. This never happens.

So, we at BlogDH are here to poll the student body on what actually is the quietest space on campus. Silence etiquette is definitely important — it’s basic manners — albeit hard to figure out.

Happy midterms season!

What's the most quiet of Brown's quiet spaces?

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Pizza Night in the Rock and Sci-Li


If you’re like me, you probably are running dangerously low on both meal credits and points. Any opportunity for free food is a godsend. Don’t miss a great chance for free pizza this Tuesday and Wednesday, when the Brown University Libraries will host pizza night in the Rock and Sci-Li.

On Tuesday, there will be free pizza starting at 9:00 in the Sci-Li lobby, and the following night on Wednesday in the Rock lobby.

Reading period is truly a special time here at Brown, where personal hygiene goes out the window, coffee is your best friend, and stuffing yourself with over four slices of pizza is completely normal. Studying is a mental exercise so it should totally burn a ton of calories, right? Tell your friends, study groups, heck, even your professors to enjoy some pizza, and don’t forget to thank the librarians when you grab your fourth second slice. It’s first come, first serve, so don’t be late.

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Know Your Shit: The best places on campus to poop


Disclaimer: I have chosen to withhold my name from this article for one reason and one reason only: I plan to continue using these locations for my bathroom ventures. Specifically the lovely Brown/RISD Hillel. I do not want to be labeled as “that guy who told everyone to poop at Hillel.” It’s not my fault they have awesome facilities.

We’ve all been there – it’s a Thursday morning, you’re incredibly hungover, and the last place you want to be is sitting in class. As you count down the minutes until your lecture ends, you start to feel a rumbling in your stomach. Shit. Literally. All the spicy mayo you put on your fries last night at Jo’s is really starting to take its toll, and you need to go now.

We all know how deadly hangover shits can be, but the real question is, what do you do next? Where do you turn? Some people might take the gamble and try to make it back to their dorm room, but if you’re across campus, this is definitely not an option. That is why I am (reluctantly) revealing the best places on campus to poop.

poopI wouldn’t call myself an expert on pooping, but let’s face it, I’ve been doing it for over 20 years. After careful consideration, I’ve narrowed down the defining characteristics of what makes a perfect pooping environment. The first is obviously cleanliness. Nothing is worse than rushing into a bathroom and seeing that someone has already defiled your sanctuary. The second aspect that I look for is privacy. Pooping in silence is just clearly better than being interrupted, no explanation needed. The third, and oft overlooked aspect is ambiance. If you are setting in a grungy, albeit clean, bathroom, it is acceptable. But not ideal.

So here it is, the list of the best bathrooms to go poop in on campus:

The John Hay – Oh man. Was I excited when I found out the John Hay was opening. Not because of a great new study space or vaulted ceilings. No, I was excited because I knew with a new building comes new bathrooms. I was not disappointed. The bathrooms that are inside the Hay are quiet, well lit, and fastidiously maintained.

Above Andrews Commons – I find that study spaces often provide the best bathrooms in terms of privacy, but Andrews Commons also knocks it out of the park in terms of cleanliness and ambience. Not only are they well-cared for, but the large windows also provide great lighting and a heavenly glow to compliment your bathroom experience.

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FlogDailyHerald: Why are there so many door issues?

I’ve been here a full semester, and I still cannot gracefully enter or exit a building at this university. This could be a #freshmanproblem (#unncessaryhashtags) but I really don’t think it is. And I really don’t think it’s me. There are serious door problems at this school.

At least twice a day I encounter a door that seems to be “just for show” at this university. And it’s always at legitimately the most inconvenient time to be unable to enter a building.

First of all, the SciLi. This building has probably the most confusing door rules that a building could have. I don’t understand why the revolving doors are the ones you’re supposed to go for, because its obviously natural to want to use the push-y ones, which are just are quicker and simpler. But no, I see people every day go up to push, and then become confused and have to switch to the revolving door. I’ve also seen people get up and push these doors open for fellow Brown students. While that’s lovely, and shows how great we all are, it’s probably the most unnecessary good samaritan act ever. We could just have functioning doors. Continue Reading

Ra Ra Brunonia: The Libraries

With hockey season midterms fast approaching, it is paramount to understand the historical significance of the concrete behemoths in which you will sit…for hours on end. Now, we all know the classic division and respective stereotypes that go along with where one studies, but why is this the case? Is the SciLi actually part of a CS15 project gone wrong? Do hipsters actually live in the basement of the Rock? Why can’t I ever get any work done in the Friedman Study Center? Is the Rock actually a nightclub? Why is the sky blue? All of these questions will be answered in this week’s edition of Ra Ra Brunonia: The Libraries.

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FlogDailyHerald: Let’s do something about the SciLi Desert, shall we?

There’s a devastating scene in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, in the opening, tone-setting portion of the movie. C-3PO and R2-D2, droids carrying fabulous secrets, crash land in the barren wastes of the planet Tatooine and immediately survey their surroundings, intent on making their way to civilization. As they gaze about, nothing but sand dunes and craggy, parched rock stretches away to the horizon. It is a landscape devoid of culture, of habitable climes, of — we might say — emotion and morals. They are alone in the caustic backwater of the galaxy, and there is no way out.

To make a long story short: let’s get the quad in front of the SciLi renovated already.

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