Things you’re probably procrastinating with right now


Facebook and Buzzfeed are the obvious attention-thieves, but we all have our more subtle, preferred forms of procrastination. Actually, in times like these, we’ll find just about anything to procrastinate on. And when I say anything, I mean anything. Take a peek at the list below and tell me you haven’t done at least one of these things to avoid all of your responsibilities take a small study break.

The weather forecast
Well, you haven’t checked the weather in the past hour. Guess it’s time to surf Weather Channel for a bit. Gosh, why are their headlines so sensationalist? Okay, just do what you came here to do. Hmm, let’s see how the weather’s gonna look like when you leave for home. Looks good. You should probably double-check on your phone app, though, just to make sure. How are the next 4 hours gonna look like? Ooo, they have a monthly forecast, let’s check that out, too! 

Your Expedia itinerary
You tell yourself that you just want to confirm that everything’s correct. I mean, you never know if you accidentally misspelled your last name when typing in your info. Wait, what were the carry-on size restrictions again? Better check that too while you’re at it.

The dining hall menus
Man oh man, do finals get you hungry! And Ratty waffle fries never seemed more appetizing. Let’s take a peek at what the menu will look like tomorrow. Eh. Maybe the Vdub will be more promising? Will it be quesadilla night or grilled cheese night at Jo’s tomorrow? Gotta weigh all your options! Wait, do you even have any meal credits left? To the Banner-mobile!

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