Meet Mama Duck: Emily Wilkins ‘14.5


In case you’ve been living under a rock that doesn’t have Internet access or anything that brings happiness, you probably have heard that the roped off piece of Scili Desert was in fact housing a duck and her eleven baby ducklings (see above for cuteness overload). You also might have happened upon a Facebook page purportedly run by the Scili Duck herself. It has over 2,200 likes, and its updates have been quite something:


The Scili Duck Facebook page — along with its subjects — has been a welcome respite from a tough finals period. The page and BlogDailyHerald has had some online interaction in the days leading up to the ducklings’ birth, and we wanted to discover which social media genius was behind it.

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PollerBears: What should we call the new SciLi Ducklings?



The ducklings have hatched! Mama Psy/SciDuck has welcomed a few lovely ducklings to the world this morning. Skip your finals so you can go marvel at the miracle of life. But what shall we name them? Here are some of our suggestions. Let us know what you think.

What's your favorite name for one of the Scili Ducklings?

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