State of the City: Cash money octogenarians

An 81-year-old woman from Newport has claimed the $336.4 million jackpot from the Rhode Island Lottery. Louisa White will receive $210 million, having chosen the lump sum payout option. This report came on the heels of the Rhode Island House of Representatives’ approval of casino-style games at the Newport Grand. Come on, Louisa! Double your money!  You can’t lose!!

Fenway Park received recognition today from the Federal Government as the newest addition to the National Register of Historic Places. Scandal alert! Fenway Park a historic landmark before McCoy Stadium, the home of the Paw-Sox (thats the Pawtucket Red Sox for those of you who aren’t very cool). Fun fact: McCoy is the stadium where the Sox played the longest game in Baseball history, 33 innings, against those disgusting Rochester Red Wings. Where is their recognition?!?!

A seal that swam into Narragansett Bay has returned out to open sea according to reports from the ProJo. Apparently this is news, according to the Providence Journal.  Wait, this little guy is actually adorable.  Touché ProJo.