Students who do cool things: Sebastián ( )tero ’18, musician and rap artist


Sebastián Otero Oliveras ’18, who goes by the stage name Sebastián ( )tero, is a Puerto Rican musician who has made a name for himself as a rap artist on Brown’s campus. Alongside being a Brown student, he wields his music as a tool to create positive impact. Otero’s songs are rooted in his Puerto Rican identity in both their content and rhythmic inspiration, and he interprets this in different ways across genres. In his words: “I see myself first as a musician, then a rapper. I use rap as one tool to make music, to express what I want to say.”

You might recognize Otero’s music from his performances on campus. Otero is part of richard, a soul/hip hop group that he describes as “like a basement, very sweaty, very energetic.” In addition, he is half of a collaborative duo with Francis Torres ’16, who is also from Puerto Rico. The pair performs acoustic music influenced by Cuban and Puerto Rican sounds, and has a more calm and relaxing feel.

He began his music career young, learning the violin at four years old with the Suzuki method. While the violin is still one of his greatest passions, he has since branched from classical music into jazz  and song composition on the guitar. “I try to integrate the violin, singing and rapping,” he says. Continue Reading