‘Bangerz’ and BergeMash: A Miley/KBerge collaboration

The ultimate collaboration

The ultimate collaboration

Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus released her new album Bangerz, likely filled with controversy and a million other “-isms” that frustrated students and middle-aged mothers alike were ready deconstruct. Although the lyrics of Miley’s recent hit “We Can’t Stop” seem to reflect emotions tied to “kiss[ing] who we want,” “shaking it like we at a strip club,” and “trying to get a line in the bathroom,” we all know what she’s really discussing: the temptation of playing another round of BlogDH’s favorite game, BergeMash. Sure, you probably thought this tradition was leaving with the beloved KBerge, but you thought wrong. Miley’s Bangerz is begging to be BergeMashed, and we simply couldn’t resist. Continue Reading

KBerge’s Goodies: Imagined playlists from your favorite campus personalities

To whom do the literati of College Hill twerk it out when the day is done? We’ve not yet managed to hack into President Christina Paxson’s Spotify account (doesn’t exist), but it doesn’t hurt to dream about what she might be listening to whilst blocking out Divest Coal screaming outside her window. Without further ado, here are some spirit-playlists from Brown University’s campus personalities, assembled from ten minutes hours of drunken careful deliberation. Disclaimer: absolutely no evidence exists to suggest that any of these people listen to any of this shit.

1. Dean of the College Katherine Bergeron

(BlogDH) Azealia Bergeron

Lord knows this chick like to get funky. If you’ve had the pleasure of listening to her exquisite interpretations of French chanson, you know KBerge is packing some serious musicality under that asymmetrical hairdo. Her departure this December will leave a gaping wound in the collective booty of Brown University.

  1. 212 – Azealia Banks
  2. Goodies – Ciara
  3. Lip Gloss – Lil’ Mama
  4. Bootylicious – Destiny’s Child
  5. Pass That Dutch – Missy Elliott

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BlogDH Presents: BergeMash 2.0

BlogDH-BergemashAs we lament the impending departure of our favorite administrator, Dean of the College Katherine Bergeron (otherwise known as KBerge), we’ve naturally taken it upon ourselves to make BlogDH a Berge shrine of sorts. Not that Blog isn’t already a shrine to the legend… but we’re making this semester The Semester of the Berge. Think large hoop earrings, amazing superhero-like capes, and lots and lots of singing.

While we ask you to stay tuned for other KBerge-filled fun that we have in the pipeline, we’d be honored if you would play one last round of BergeMash with us before our majesty leaves the Hill for New London, Connecticut. We all enjoyed our inaugural game of BergeMash back in fall 2012, and in celebration of KBerge’s last semester on campus, we’re making this the best game of BergeMash the world’s ever seen. Enter BergeMash 2.0.

For those of you new to BergeMash, the essential questions and answers:

What’s BergeMash? Named after Brown’s beloved Dean of the College, BergeMash perfectly combines Dean Bergeron’s musical and academic interests in a hilariously fun and mentally stimulating game.

How do I play? The task is simple. Open up your iTunes. Pick a song. Take the title, add a colon to the end, and turn it into a Brown class offered by a specific department.

The BlogDH Brain Trust has been working diligently to make some of the best BergeMash creations. Ready… set… go.

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