Where to find Sex, Power, and God without SPG


The Queer Alliance announced last week that their annual dance party “Sex Power God” is cancelled this semester. If you had planned on getting your yearly dose of sex, power and God at SPG, fear not: Brown isn’t lacking in any of these categories. We have compiled a guide to fulfilling your sex-, power-, and God-related needs without SPG:


While SPG won’t be around to promote its sex-positive message, there’s no limit to the sexual resources offered at Brown. If you’re into sexual health and killer acronyms, the Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Coalition (SHEEC) promotes sexual wellness, as does the Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG). If you’re into learning about sex, check out FemSex and MSex, student-run workshops that teach sex-ed and foster healthy dialogue. There is also an opportunity to get involved in the Sexual Assault Peer Education (SAPE) program, a group that educates students about ending sexual violence.

And if looking into having sex, there’s no shortage of options for that either. Though SPG isn’t happening, there are countless other parties where you can seek out a partner, from Machado Pain & Fromage socials to sports house keggers depending on your taste. It’s not a secret that Brown students are into the hookup culture, but they are more down to date than it seems—go out on a limb and ask someone out to froyo (not necessarily a code word for sex). As for where to get down and dirty, Keeney laundry rooms provide a thrill, and for exhibitionists, check out the roof of Metcalf (not like it hasn’t been done before, though). Still don’t know where to find sex at Brown? Chances are that if you’re on the 13th floor of the SciLi, a wink and nod to the stacks is all it’ll take.

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Sextion: How to talk to your family and friends about SexPowerGod


It’s that time of year again, folks. Sex. Power. God. And for those of you, like myself, whose parents asked a lot of questions about the SPG posters across campus during Parents Weekend, you may have had a lot of explaining to do. So how do you talk to your parents about SPG? Or to friends from other schools who have heard about Brown’s raging sex parties? Here are some helpful things to say if you’re a tad bit tongue-tied and want your tongue to be tied with someone else’s at SPG:

1. The Basics: SexPowerGod, or SPG, is the largest annual dance put on by a student group here at Brown. In the last few years, approximately 600 students were given tickets. This year, only 400 tickets were sold. The event is put on by the Queer Alliance, and it’s entirely student-run: students plan every aspect of the event, from the postering to the DJing. Since the event is put on by the QA, many posters advertising the event feature queer students and activities, though it is designed for students of all sexualities, and all tend to be well-represented. It is meant to be a safe space where students can feel comfortable exploring their bodies and their sexualities without fear of judgement, but in recent years, the rules about what is and is not acceptable at SPG have become much stricter. Even so, you will most likely see things you haven’t before. And that’s okay. It is an opportunity for all to test the boundaries of their comfort levels. Continue Reading

How Not to be a Freshman: The one where I go to SexPowerGod

You know that sweaty, hormonally-driven, widely-talked-about dance known as SexPowerGod? Well, it was this past weekend and Luna here was lucky enough to score a golden ticket after camping out for four hours. After spending all day creating the perfectly sexy outfit, I was ready for this highly-anticipated night of drunken debauchery. My friends and I headed over to Andrews slightly nervous but totally excited. At an event where anything goes, I had cast any and all expectations aside.  I was prepared to fully embrace all the ideals that SexPowerGod represents.

Once we arrived, we were greeted by a mob of half-naked men and women dancing around without a care in the world.  Some were shirtless, others pantless but everyone there possessed a bodily confidence that I envied.  I’m normally a pretty reserved person but I was eager to lose my inhibitions.  So, I grabbed my friends’ hand and dove head-first into the crowd, swaying rhythmically (or maybe clumsily) to the music.

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FroshSEXities: SexPowerGod

First-years: after almost two months, you likely feel less frosh-ish than you did when you got here. You’ve ventured into frats and navigated off-campus parties, you’ve done all the normal illegal things and some legal things that were so out there that they likely should be illegal. You want to keep this amazing experience rolling, but what’s this SexPowerGod thing you keep hearing about? Well, I’m with you on that one.

I’ve tried asking other freshmen, but they had just as many questions as I did. This is the biggest dance of the year, and despite its politically correct message, it sparks endless controversy (maybe it has to do with the barely-clothed promotional posters?) and raises a lot questions and concerns. Before I jumped through the hoops to get my name on the guest list, I decided to act as a liason for the freshmen class and ask Blog’s sex guru Monica Bruinsky for the real deal on SPG. Here are some frosh expectations compared to the upperclassmen realities: Continue Reading