Sextion: ***Sex Week 2014

Welcome back from Spring Break everyone! As a special treat, and to make sure we’re not too depressed about having to be back at school after a (hopefully) restful break, our friends in the Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Council (SHEEC) have amped up their game with this year’s Sex Week. We hope you take advantage of the amazing speakers, films, and activities going on during this week. Check out last year’s Sextion post to read of some of the things Margaret and I learned. Events start TODAY with a table on the Main Green from 12-3 p.m. and continue through Sunday, April 6. Check out the AMAZINGLY FABULOUS poster (Est-ce que tu aimes le sexe?) and read descriptions of all of the events after the break!


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Sextion: 10 things we learned during Sex Week


We hope you had a fantastic time exploring your sexuality during Sex Week last week. We certainly had a lot of fun. And though we, your two lovely Sextion columnists, see ourselves as “sexperts,” we definitely learned a thing or two. Like how to put on a condom with our mouths, for example. Didn’t get to make as many events as you had hoped? No worries! Here are the top 10 things Margaret and Monica learned during Sex Week: Continue Reading

Alums who do cool things: Aida Manduley ‘11

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If you’re an upperclassman, you probably remember Aida Manduley walking across campus in her bright orange tights and pink metallic Doc Martens. She may have approached you and handed you a condom. If you don’t know Aida, you’re in luck: she’s back on campus to present a workshop on sex toys for Sex Week. Queering the Toybox will take place TONIGHT (Wednesday, March 13) in Metcalf Auditorium from 7-8:30 p.m.

If you’re a sex toy expert, or if the thought of using a hunk of plastic to pleasure yourself freaks you out: attend the workshop! Aida will introduce some new cutting-edge sex toys, like eco-friendly items and toys using microchips.

Mags sat down with Aida last week to learn about her time at Brown and her life as an alum. Aida hails from Puerto Rico. Her sexual development began online, finding comfort and support through online forums and communities. When she got to Brown, she immersed herself in work with the Queer Alliance, eventually branching out into broader sex and sexuality topics. SHEEC, the Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Council, started in 2007, Aida’s freshman year. The next year, Aida became SHEEC Chair and Sex Week became her brain child.  Sex Week has started some amazing events, such as Spoon Me, Fork Me: An Evening of Sensual Pleasures (a discussion of food porn). It also has featured amazing speakers like Megan Andelloux, the founder of the Center for Sexual Health and Pleasure (CSHP) in Pawtucket, RI. Continue Reading

Sextion: Sex Week is here!


Mag the Vag and I could not be more excited to announce that SEX WEEK HAS ARRIVED. Below you will find a schedule of events throughout the week, but be on the lookout for happenings on the Main Green as well. Even if you’re just walking through, it doesn’t hurt to pick up a condom or taste test the many different brands of lube! This week is going to be AMAZING and we hope to see you all at these fun and informative events and presentations! Here is the Sex Week website with all the information you’ll ever need!

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Sextion: Happy Sex Week!

It’s Sex Week @ Brown.

SHEEC, the Sexual Health Education & Empowerment Center, organizes the 7-day long event comprised of workshops, lectures, screenings, and more. Sex Week is in its fourth year and is in full swing until this Saturday, March 17.

The point of Sex Week? To “bring events to campus about things people may want to know about but might not feel comfortable asking about,” says Jenn Conti ’12, co-chair of SHEEC. “Sex and sexual health are usually spun in a negative way — ‘don’t do this, don’t do that’ — but through Sex Week, we’re talking about things in a sex-positive way.”

Sex-positive? Sounds good to me!

But is Sex Week just another sad example of Brown kids talking about sex without actually having any? Maybe. Sex Week certainly won’t go around knocking on Keeney doors and forcing coitus where it’s not wanted. But talking about sex openly might be the first step in that giant leap from just curious to full-blown sexually active. Plus, some events — like the “Orchestrating Orgasms” workshop with star sex educator Megan Andelloux — prove much less academic and much more utilitarian, hem hem.

Events at Sex Week you should not miss: 

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