BREAKING: Sex Power God cancelled


According to a post on Bluestockings, Brown’s Queer Alliance has decided to cancel this year’s edition of Sex Power God. The Queer Alliance Coordinating Committee stated in the release that “SPG no longer serves its intended purpose,” which was “to affirm queer/LGBTQ+ students who feel excluded or shamed by hetero-patriarchal norms by creating a space in honor of them.” Instead, the party has become the sensationalized subject of FOX News segments and unfriendly BDH opinions columns. In addition, according to the QA’s statement, SPG was not the safe space it was meant to be last year:

Although attendees signed contracts promising to seek active consent at SPG, in spite of this students disregarded the policy during the 2013 SPG. Sexual violence goes against every aim of the Queer Alliance. When attendees violated the space, SPG was no longer safe, positive, or inclusive, despite the careful intentionality of the planners. It has been a violent space. We cannot in good conscience continue perpetuating such a space. If we decided to continue to host SPG, it would mean that Brown students decided that a party was more important than the safety and bodily autonomy of their peers.

Though it is possible that Sex Power God will be reinstated in future years, the 2014 iteration is off. Check back here for more details on this developing story.

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Important changes to this year’s SexPowerGod

Get ready.

Get ready.

Brown has been in the news a fair amount lately. Well, now it’s that time of year to remember why Jesse Watters first noticed us: It starts with an S, ends with a G, and its dress code is minimalist, but not in the conventional way.

SexPowerGod tickets sales begin October 20th and will continue until the morning of the 21st. Before you rush to get on line now, there are some important changes to this year’s event that you absolutely need to know about. Continue Reading

ICYMI: Nuditygate is over!

Infamous ambush reporter and SexPowerGod attendee Jesse Watters aired his much-anticipated segment on Nudity in the Upspace last night. And the verdict is in…

Not that bad.

Sure, it was classic Jesse Watters journalism. He snarkily edited footage from irrelevant movies in between student interviews. He made fun of students for using phrases like “gender performativity.” (I don’t know what that means, either.) He made one too many dick jokes: “Was your nude scene really small?” “No, it was significant.” Watters STILL referred to the events as “Nudity Week.”

But at the end of the segment, O’Reilly concluded that Nudity in the Upspace was “harmless.” Watters mentioned BlogDH’s Drinking Game (!!!!!) said Brown students were “very articulate and respectful.”

Plus, he took the time to boost one young girl’s self-esteem and body image. Thanks, Jesse. I slept a lot better last night.

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An open love poem for Brunonians

(BlogDH) Valentine's

It’s here, Brunonia: That day that makes you feel, depending on your relationship status, either more self-conscious or more hot-and-bothered than when your calculus TA checked you out at SexPowerGod.

For you lucky ones who have found that significant other at Brown, V-Day is a lot of pressure. What could you possibly do to show your loved one that there’s no one you’d rather be spending the big day with besides your Neopet Chomby? Chocolates are classic, but it will be obvious you got them with flex points at Little Jo’s. And if you’re broke and blew all your points on Spindrifts in the first week, that Valentine’s Day dinner will be less romantic on meal credits at the Ratty. But don’t worry, I have the perfect solution for you struggling souls. I’ve put together a love poem that describes just how deep your love goes, Brown style, with a lot of a little help from I guarantee that if you read your loved one this poem, while standing on top of the bear statue on the Main Green accompanied by an a capella group, you will end up getting married (well, there’s a 60% chance if you both live in Perkins). Interpretive dance moves encouraged—maybe get some tips from the Poler Bears. Go out there and spread the Brunonian love.

You’re spicier than a Jo’s Spicy With
And classier than a Darwin’s fifth
You’re sweeter than V-Dub soft serve
And ENGN9’s grading curve
You’re sexier than SexPowerGod
And streaking across Wriston Quad
You’re more entertaining than the Blue Room on Sundays
Watching hungover chicks drink double shot lattés
You’re more distinct than an S with distinction
And watching a Bruno sports team win
You’re better than free Kabob & Curry
And getting first pick in the housing lottery
You’re wilder than the SciLi challenge
And the end-of-semester flex point binge
You’re chiller than the BroPo on 4/20
And Spring Weekend day-drinking when it’s finally sunny
You’re classier than that Thayer street walk of shame
The morning after Whisko can’t remember his name
You’re crazier than all this shit that goes down
You’re better than the best of Brown.

If that doesn’t get your loved one climbing the bear statue to be with you, I don’t know what will. Feel free to add your own verses based on inside jokes and experiences, like “You’re hotter than when we did it on the Sayles organ / And sorry for that time I yelled ‘Oh, Piers Morgan!'”

Found: One BlogDailyHerald Article

If you’ve ever posted on Spotted@Brown with the hope that someone would return the wallet you dropped on Wriston last weekend, you’re in luck.  Brown students no longer have to invade the popular missed connections site to locate their missing things, thanks to a brand new website called LostAtBrown.  The brainchild of Ian Callender ’15, LostAtBrown has pages where you can list both lost and found items.

Right now it seems like just about anything is fair game for LostAtBrown.  Someone is apparently really eager to find the red spork he lost in Keeney, and a bunch of benevolent students want to return items they mistakenly took with their laundry.  This site has a lot of potential for some great listings, so here are some you can probably expect to see in this new virtual lost and found in the coming weeks.


  • Course requirements.  Last seen: 1968.
  • One University President.  Last seen: hugging a freshman.
  • Sanity.  Last seen: SciLi, 2:00am.
  • Freshman virginity.  Last seen: DPhi.
  • 96 points.  Last seen: Orgo exam.  Continue Reading

Brown gets it in…safely

Despite a rough midterm period, Brown aced the Trojan Sexual Health Report Card. According to the Trojan list (via HuffPo), Brown is the 4th most sexually healthy college in America. Coincidence that SexPowerGod is right around the corner? You decide.