Sextion: Beyond the Fleshlight


You’re at a party and a girl is joking about her dildo. She seems funny and even sexually daring for bringing it up. At the same party, a guy is joking about his masturbation sleeve. He seems creepy and a little perverted. Is there a good reason why this double standard should be able to persist? I can’t see one, yet it does.

As a woman, I’m fascinated by male masturbation. I have so much fun with erections that I know I’d be delighted to have my own personal boner to play with from time to time. I also believe that men should have as much freedom to experiment with masturbation toys as women do. So, I think it’s time to highlight a few male masturbation toys that should be on every guy’s radar.

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Sextion: The spring fever hookup guide


BlogDailyHerald is proud to introduce our newest Sextion writer, David Johnson!

The season of the Polar Vortex was all about cuddling, sipping hot cocoa, binge watching “House of Cards” with your significant other, and basically using their body heat to save on your gas bill. Now that it’s getting warmer, the birds and the bees are back, frisky squirrels are chasing each other around the Main Green, and breakups are a dime a dozen (I’m looking at you, Senior Scramblers). In the animal kingdom, we call this mating season. In college, we call it Spring Fever.

Luckily, Spring Weekend is just around the corner — the perfect opportunity for curing our Spring Fever. Now that walking to a party across campus doesn’t feel like March of the Penguins, the tanks are breaking out, and maybe even some shorts. Everyone’s attitude says sun’s-out-gun’s-out, so if you are interested in getting busy romantic, this weekend is all about letting loose and having fun. It’s a great time to break the ice with someone new — maybe even someone you’ve been secretly crushing on. When the options range from Chance to Binder to Fratty in the Ratty, how do you know where your perfect guy/girl will be raging? Use this field guide to find out.

The Hipster Heartbreaker

Found at: Chance the Rapper

The Hipster Heartbreaker is that DGAF kid that you have been crushing on forever. Probably more “Prepster” than a true RISD Hipster, you first saw them while stalking your class Facebook page the summer before arriving at Brown, and since then, they have proved to be even cooler than you imagined. The Hipster Heartbreaker is trendy and intelligent, probably concentrating in MCM or Comp Lit, and has a Georgia O’Keeffe coffee table book in the living room of their Barbour suite. Despite your better judgment, you can’t help crushing on them. They have gone through numerous partners over the years because no one can seem to keep up with them. But you’re sure that you can.

How to spot: The Hipster Heartbreaker is wearing an awesome Spring Weekend tank that you totally didn’t see when you were choosing which one to buy. They have that casually perfect “I woke up like dis” look, making you wonder, “did you wake up like that?? And why the heck can’t I?!” The Hipster Heartbreaker is either wearing a knit beanie or has hat hair (the sexy, pushed back kind) because they just took it off.

How to break the ice:

  • Stand next to them and say loudly: “I mean, my cousin went to high school with Chance the Rapper in Chicago so like… I’ve basically known about him since 2011.”

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Sextion: Sex and your dorm room

With the brand new online Housing Lottery happening this week, we thought it would be appropriate to give students the ability to cater their dorm-preferences to their sexual ones. So, below we have a list of some sexual activities and preferences, and where you should live if you want to engage in them.

Exhibitionism (sight): if the thing that gets you off most is the possibility of being seen while engaging in sexual activity, I would suggest living right on Wriston Quad or Patriot’s Court. These areas get a lot of foot traffic, and the rooms are very visible to passersby. Rooms in Marcy and Diman can be seen from almost all sides, but if you’re living in Sears (where AXO and Phi Psi are)pick a room that either faces the quad or George Street behind. Or you could live in New Dorm, picking a room that faces onto Vartan Gregorian Quad — that’ll really give people an eyeful as they come to Jo’s on a Friday or Saturday night. And of course, stand near the window. And for all of you lovely voyeurs out there, now you know where to look.

Wriston Quad Pan

Exhibitionism (sound): if you love the idea of someone hearing you have sex, every little breath, moan, scream, and bed-spring squeak, I would suggest living in Grad Center. As those who have ever lived in Grad Center can attest, being next-door neighbors with someone loud is not the issue, it’s those that live directly above you. As my friend Rory says, “Not only can I hear when the people above me have sex, I can hear their phone vibrations and the sound of their G-chat going off.” So, if you want to be heard, pick a suite in Grad Center above the first floor, though honestly pretty much every dorm could use some better sound insulation. But, be warned, your neighbors probably won’t like you.


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Sextion: ***Sex Week 2014

Welcome back from Spring Break everyone! As a special treat, and to make sure we’re not too depressed about having to be back at school after a (hopefully) restful break, our friends in the Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Council (SHEEC) have amped up their game with this year’s Sex Week. We hope you take advantage of the amazing speakers, films, and activities going on during this week. Check out last year’s Sextion post to read of some of the things Margaret and I learned. Events start TODAY with a table on the Main Green from 12-3 p.m. and continue through Sunday, April 6. Check out the AMAZINGLY FABULOUS poster (Est-ce que tu aimes le sexe?) and read descriptions of all of the events after the break!


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Sextion: Answering your Brown Confession sex etiquette questions


Hello wonderful readers and welcome back for another (a)rousing Sextion post! As springtime approaches (we almost didn’t have snow this week!), things are going to get steamier than the windows in the Nelson on a busy winter day. Recently, I have scoured our lovely Brown University Confessions page and selected some important sex-etiquette questions that deserve some answers. Have any more questions? Feel free to email me at!

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.16.07 AM

This first question depends on a lot of different factors, as illustrated by this lovely flow chart! Follow it down and you’ll know whether you can simply text the person asking for your item back or give up hope of ever seeing it again.


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Sextion: Four more sensitive body parts to stimulate this Valentine’s Day weekend


Editorial Disclaimer: This post has been created by college students for college students.  It has been rated NC-17 for its sexual nature and anatomically graphic references. Please proceed at your own risk. Thanks for reading! Love, BlogDH

Last year, I told you about four of the most sensitive parts of the human body to make your Valentine’s Day Weekend (yes, it’s a weekend.) especially enjoyable. Clearly, you all enjoyed it so much that it was one of the 10 most-read Blog posts of 2013, so thank you! Now I’m back to tell you about four more body parts that you and your partner can use this Valentine’s Day to really heat up this incredibly chilly winter:

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