Sextion: Mixing studies with pleasure


For many of us, reading period and finals are a stressful time of papers, exams, all-nighters, and little else. And though, as we posted about last semester, it is important to give yourself a little self care, you can’t afford to blow off steam like you may have earlier in the semester. Getting drunk and going out seems nearly impossible when you’re pulling consecutive all-nighters trying to get your shit done. You can’t afford the day-long hangover, nor can you stomach a diet of Powerade and Pepto-Bismol.

If bodily destruction isn’t in the cards right now, you need an alternative. Instead of hurting your liver, why don’t you give a gift to your body this time around? Why not do it while simultaneously enhancing your studies? We know that sexual activities have all sorts of stress reducing and health beneficial properties (that don’t include destroying any internal organs), and you can do them while still being productive.

So here are Caitlin’s ‘creative’ methods for studying and being sexy:

Strip paper: We’ve all heard of strip poker, strip monopoly, strip crazy eights (okay, maybe some of us haven’t heard of that one)—now it’s time to welcome strip paper! All you need is any form of a written assignment to work on, and the concept is simple: for every paragraph you write, you remove an article of clothing.  For all you kids out there with ten-page papers: things are about to get sexy. Continue Reading

Useless Rankings: Brown tops BuzzFeed’s “Sexiest, Smartest Colleges” list

Yes, BuzzFeed went there and we emerged victorious. Click to enlarge.

Yes, BuzzFeed went there and we emerged victorious. Click to enlarge.

Think you’re sexy, cute and fucking smart to boot? BuzzFeed has now confirmed your hubris. According to an index derived from useless rankings from Forbes and DateMySchool, Brown is the Sexiest, Smartest College in the United States of America. With 5th place hotness and 19th place academics, Brown crowded out several other Ivies (including Harvard and Princeton) and the notoriously sexy-smart (?) Carnegie Mellon for the top spot. Take a stomp around the Main Green and breathe in the sultry intelligence that is the Brown student body. Raise your eyes from your computer in the AQR and check out the nubile nerds that populate its silent space. And tonight while you’re making love to a stunning coed, recite some of Plato’s Symposium for good measure.

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Brown on top (almost) in Trojan’s Sexual Health Report

Now what about dick size ...?

Looks like Consent Day and FemSex are doing something right.

Trojan Sexual Health released its 7th annual Sexual Health Report Card this week, (boy, that must have been an awkward parent-teacher conference), and Brown came in at second in the nation, up two spots from 2011, out of a total of 141 universities.

We came in under University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, (who knew?) and right above Columbia. Suck it (consensually and safely), Lions!

Schools were graded on five categories, each out of 10 points. We’ve got full marks on sexual assault services, and we got 8s on STD testing, contraceptives, and condoms (clearly they’ve never tried getting rubbers from RCs’ doors midway through a semester).

Let’s keep it up guys—all we have to do is get through Halloweekend and SPG.

Top 43 Sexiest Presidents

This one is for the history buffs, the future politicians, those of you who have a thing for American presidents, or those who are simply curious: In honor of President’s Day, has ranked the sexiest American presidents from 1 to 43.

Click here to check it out:

How would Brown’s presidents be rated in terms of sexiness? Leave it in the comments!

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