Shakespeare on the Green Presents: Spring Awakening

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It’s no secret that Brown students are brilliant. Just look at Duncan Sheik ’92, the songwriter behind the hit musical, Spring Awakening. This weekend, his work once again returns to his old stomping grounds as Shakespeare on the Green moves inside and presents its own rendition of the renowned show, directed by Jenn Maley ’16.


The entire production is concise and unwaveringly honest. From the simple costumes, designed by Dylan Platt ’15 and Estée Feldman ’18, to the stark set, created by Rebecca Balton ’15, the physical aspects of the show further accentuate the rawness and darkness of the heavy topics that the script explores. Additionally, the intimate environment of the Rites and Reasons Theatre forces the audience to face the cast as they confront such intense topics as suicide and sexual assault. And, of course, I would be remiss if I did not recognize the pit, directed by Nick Healy ’17, who do a wonderful job of capturing the magic of Sheik’s phenomenal score.

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