“Ratty To-Go Guideline” slip

If you walk into the Ratty today (which is pretty likely, especially considering the ridiculous downpour outside) you might be greeted with a slip as seen in the picture above. What is this slip? Oh, you know, just some Ratty To-Go Guidelines.

The main stress of the slip is that there are limitations on takeout portions; we’ve all seen that person shoving an entire loaf of bread or milk container into their backpack, so this kind of makes sense. Actually, there was recently a story of someone filling not only a takeout box, but also a brought-from-home tupperware with pasta. Maybe that’s what inspired this sudden stress of Ratty takeout rules.

And you had better stick to the instructions outlined on the slip. “Make your selection” and get out. Thanks. Oh yeah, and if you fail to do so, be careful…you’re on “contract” with your meal plan.