The Netflix Files: April 20, 2012

The Netflix Files works to find the hidden gems of Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature, the films and TV shows that have gone largely unnoticed by the streaming community. This ever-popular column has been on indefinite hiatus all semester due to other commitments.

You don't want no part of this shit.

While you decide how you want to spend this glorious Friday of Spring Weekend, April 20th of the last year before the earth implodes, be sure to stay cognizant of the dangers of Marihuana addiction, as highlighted by the 1936 classic Reefer Madness.

That’s right, the “new drug menace which is destroying the youth of America in alarmingly increasing numbers” might even find its way onto our beloved campus. Think of how much less fun the What Cheer? Brigade would be if you spent the whole concert wanting to rape, murder, run over pedestrians with your new T-Bird and/or leap out a third-story window just because you think you can fly. Because that’s what you’re looking at with Public Enemy Number One — La Marihuana. Continue Reading

Hold the pot: Chafee halts compassion center openings

Gov. Lincoln Chafee ’75 P’14 announced today that he is putting the brakes on efforts to open three medical marijuana compassion centers in Rhode Island. The move comes after U.S. Attorney Peter Neronha, the state’s top federal prosecutor, sent Chafee a letter Friday stating that the law establishing the medical marijuana dispensaries violates federal law and that the Department of Justice could prosecute those associated with the centers if they open. The centers, which would have been able to sell medical marijuana on a larger scale than is possible under the current system, were slated to open this summer.

This isn’t the first setback for compassion centers in Rhode Island. In the first round of applications to open compassion centers last year, the state’s Department of Health denied all of the applicants. On March 15, the department approved the three centers in a second round review of applications.

What to eat today: 4/20

Let’s just do away with the witty formalities and face the facts:

  1. It is April 20th.
  2. You are probably going to smoke today.
  3. Doing this will stimulate your appetite.

If you find yourself in need of “munchies” at any point today, look no further. Here is a list of 5 places on College Hill that will serve your munching needs:

  1. The Main Green and Wriston Quad. Not only are several club groups holding bake sales on the Main Green (including Students for Sensible Drug Policy), but there will also be a Gourmet Market on upper Wriston. Yum.
  2. The Ratty / V-Dub. For lunch today there are buffalo chicken wings at the Ratty and chicken fajitas at the V-Dub. Just saying. Also, the Ivy Room is always a solid alternative if you’re looking for something a little different.
  3. Wings & Things. Feeling a bit lazy and in the mood for some real wings? Well you’re in luck: Wings & Things delivers! Just call (401) 369-7551.
  4. Pizza on Thayer. You know the deal. We’ve got Nice Slice, Antonio’s, and even Toledo serves pizza! If you don’t want to let the smoke out of leave your room, you can always order in!
  5. Mexican on Thayer. Chipotle. Baja’s. Bagel Gourmet Olé. Gordito Burrito. Just take your pick. Each has its own flavor (except Gordito Burrito, which is simply terrible).

And if paying for food isn’t your thing, there’s never been a better time to eat free or dine trying.

Pre-Dental Society Meeting
7 pm in Faunce Memorial Room

Light refreshments and snacks (that probably won’t rot your teeth) and carve your own tooth out of soap! This sounds kind of awesome.

Brownies for Hepatitis B Awareness
1 pm onward in JWW

If you enter the lobby of J. Walter Wilson wearing green apparel, Team HBV will hand you a free brownie. Green? Brownies? Did they decide upon those two things for a reason?

And of course, there are plenty more places around Brown to eat. Just go out and explore!

What to do today: 4/20

Oh, yes. The day has come. But the weather isn’t as promising as the daydreams you’ve been having during Bio lecture. Chances of rain are high, with thunderstorms looming as the barely visible sun sets, so here’s a list of what’s going on around Brown so as to not rain on your parade. Most of the events are FREE, so why not stop by and check them out?

Planet Taco: The Globalization of Mexican Culture
5:30 PM
List Art Building, Room 120

This lecture will probably not help calm your munchies, but if you stick around till the end, you will be rewarded with— you guessed it!— yummy Mexican food from Mexico Garibaldi restaurant. Historian Jeffrey Pilcher will talk about the Americanization of Mexican cuisine as part of a lecture series entitled Tastes of America. Reception (and food tasting!) will be held at the Haffenreffer Museum. Continue Reading

The Netflix Files: April 13, 2011

Usually, The Netflix Files works to find the hidden gems of Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature, the films and TV series that have gone largely unnoticed by the streaming community.

This week, however, we won’t bother with writing our own suggestion. Because in the case of Billboard Dad, the Netflix user reviews speak for themselves.

photo credit: the ignorant reader, Billboard Dad is the best Mary-Kate & Ashley movie ever made (that’s right, Double Double Toil & Trouble fans, we went there). It is also, of course, available on Watch Instantly. However, it is set to expire this Friday, so hurry up!

The reviews (all real):

“I think billbord dad is a realy funny,realistic,and great.Becuase it is funny becuaseit has alot of great funny things” – ggg 1735841

“This movie was so cute it had puppies and kitties!it had birds and mice too!my name is ashley so i lovedit” – hqm 324623

“I wonder how they did it? The Olsen girls Have done such a grate job! I think if you are looking for A good night movie to watch that this Billboard Dad is the way to go. I truly think that this was my favorite movie that I have ever watched.” – tgt 1049771   Continue Reading

Rhode Island and Mary Jane, a love story

The State of Rhode Island and Pretty Dank Plantations //

The state that began as Roger Williams’ noble settlement based on “freedom of conscience” for all people was recently named  the 16th Worst State in America in GQ. How did the most progressive of the 13 colonies become so deplorable? The same way Amy Winehouse derailed her career: drugs. The state is #1 in the nation for consumption of illicit drugs, and the most consumed drug is, to borrow a phrase from Cypress Hill, “that skunky, funky, smelly green shit.” According to a 2003 report by the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC), nearly 50% of teenagers in Rhode Island had used marijuana at least once and 7.2% of the whole adult population (over 12 years old) had used the drug in the past 30 days–almost 3% above the national average. Furthermore, all of these statistics were collected before the state’s legalizing of medical marijuana in 2006, which legalized possession for “caregivers and patients” without violating state laws. Though specific studies have not been conducted recently, one can only imagine the new law sparking an increase in marijuana use. More info about RI’s love affair with marijuana after the jump. Continue Reading