Four ways to combat Early Morning Syndrome

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Before you read any further (and I do realize you’ve just started) I must include a disclaimer. If you are an early riser who wakes up with the sun, you will probably not be able to relate to my struggle. If, in addition to being an early riser, you are also completely devoid of any finer human emotions like pity and empathy, stop reading immediately. For this article is meant only for sympathetic ears, and what I am about to share is a deeply personal tale. But it has to be told. I am sure I am not the only one battling this problem, and others who are will draw support from this post and realize they’re not alone.

And now on to the Early Morning Syndrome.

The initial symptoms are subtle, almost imperceptible. A nagging feeling of irritation and animosity when the alarm rings, a growing fondness of the snooze button, and burrowing deeper into bed with each vibrant ring instead of reluctantly crawling out.

The problem only gets worse from there. Your alarm becomes your arch-nemesis, and you sometimes forget that it doubles as your beloved phone during the day just as you begin to contemplate throwing it out the window. The snooze button becomes your lifeline and your rationalization of “just one more time” is eerily similar to other addictions. And ignoring the alarm’s strident morning calls becomes as natural as turning a deaf ear to the professor’s warnings of “no late hand-ins.” Continue Reading

PollerBears: Winter Break edition

The conservative color palette indicates a sensitivity to the classical modes of solstice representation throughout Western art, resonating strongly with the self-consciously kitschy poetry thatAAAHHH FINALS HAVE SUCKED OUT MY ABILITY TO ENJOY ART NOOOOis it a pointed abstraction of the Saturday Evening Post’s celebration of a hyper-rural Middle America? Possibly, although the snowflakesMUST FIGHT THIScubic aggregations in the midst of random pixelated scatter, evade most attempts at locating this work within any sphere but that of the nu-digital. This juxtaposiGAAAHHHHH IT’S TOO LATE FINALS YOU ARE KILLING ME

It’s clear that finals are destroying our minds, making it difficult to remember that an absurdly long break is approaching rapidly, like a goat about to charge down a toddler at a petting zoo. We at BlogDailyHerald have semi-journalistic plans for the next couple weeks, along with vast machinations for winter break involving copious amounts of sleep and eggnog. But hey, we’ve got to keep ourselves energetic as we power through the last days of soul-numbing work, so let’s rave about our plans for the next 40 days, shall we?

How are you going to spend your precious days of freedom over Winter Break?

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