Sixth Man: Softball (plus super fun bonus material!)


I want to preface this post by saying: I am on board with Brown softball. Seriously, I am. Okay. Now that that’s been said, what in hell are we doing with our softball program? Here is some evidence that whoever makes decisions about how to prioritize sports funding does not even realize we field a softball team:

  • They play on some field behind the field behind the baseball field, which is behind the field hockey field which is behind the IM frisbee field which is behind the OMAC.
  • The scoreboard was built some time in the B.C. era.
  • There is a hill on the left-field foul line. Like they couldn’t find a flat surface to build the field on, and were like, “Eh, fuck it–we’ll just put the field on this hill anyway.”
  • The online schedule was titled “Brown Softball Schedule [Tentative]” until this week. Because opponents won’t commit 100% to playing us, or what? Maybe we’re worried they’ll see the hill in left field and bail.
  • The first page of Google Images hits for “Brown softball” includes as many pictures of Harvard softball as of Brown.

Alright, but like I said, I am on board with Brown softball. Here is some evidence that softball is fun: Continue Reading