Brown Binaries: SoPo vs. Just-Off-Thayer

With spring semester now underway, there are lots of things Brown students have to look forward to: erotically-themed Am Civ courses, a long week of substance-fueled debauchery, and the return of people watching: Main Green Edition. Of course, for certain members of the student body, the beginning of the semester means the start of the ever exciting — and constantly infuriating — Providence house hunt. Always an arduous task, the quest to secure off-campus housing can be a painfully rewarding process, sure to make you feel older, more sophisticated, and perhaps lose you a few friends in the process.

And you thought the housing lottery was bad…
With a slew of new off-campus units now on the market, it’s time to ask, where will you make your home? Should you opt for the historic charm and cheap rent South of Power (SoPo)? Or are you more suited to living a stone’s throw from Spats and a quick walk of shame away from the Hockey House in the land called Just Off Thayer (JOT)?

Though both locales are appealing, whether it’s easy access to late night Nice Slice you crave or the thrill of having a felon touch himself while he squints through your window, deciding where to live can be a big decision. Enter us, stage right. To make the process easier for those of you still on the fence, here’s a comparison chart to help you embrace your inner stereotype. Happy shopping!