Brunonian Sins: Are You Guilty?

(Ed.- This is a slightly altered version of the post we put up before Yom Kippur last year. Have an easy fast!)

This Wednesday is Yom Kippur.  If you’re not Jewish, you’re probably familiar with this holiday as the day that your Jewish friends are really crabby because they have to fast.  It’s considered the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, and is the day on which Jews are supposed to ask forgiveness for the sins they’ve committed in the past year.

What you might not have realized is that even if you look at this campus through a purely secular (or ironically thick nonprescription) lens, there are Brunonian sins, too – things we all do that we shouldn’t.  Regardless of your religious beliefs, what day of the year it is, or if you’ve been a Brown student for three years or a month, you should probably take some time to ask forgiveness for those transgressions that would make your professors, roommates, and Gail shake their heads in shame:

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