Sans Meal Plan: Spiced red lentil, tomato, and kale soup

You may be thinking to yourself, “A soup recipe? But that’s so wintery and it’s already March 2nd!” And to that I say, “Same.” But the fact of that matter is, the weather is still heinous, and soup – especially this yummy, filling one – can make us feel at least a bit better about the cold temps and mountains of snow.

This spiced red lentil, tomato, and kale soup, adapted from Oh She Glows, can be made in under 40 minutes and yields about 5-6 cups. It’s satisfying as a standalone dish, but would also pair nicely with salad or roasted veggies.

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You Are What You Ladle: A beginner’s guide to soup

soup is good for you

The weather is getting worse and Brown students are quickly turning towards the same coping mechanism: soup. I have a strange fixation with soup and I’m not entirely sure why. As I kid, I liked Campbell’s alphabet soup because I liked to spell out words like “Lizzie” and “McGuire.” As an adolescent, I loved Bowling for Soup (see: good band, not angsty, 1985). And now I eat soup whenever I get the chance. Soup is the ultimate lazy food (you don’t have to waste your time chewing it), making it perfect for the slow and rainy start of October. Yesterday, I turned around in the Ratty to find everyone in the front cave with a bowl in hand (Chicken Mulligatawny hooray!). Yet soup is as divisive as it is unifying, and what you choose to slurp says a lot about who you are. Below is a comprehensive guide to soups at Brown. Choose wisely.

Carrot Ginger with Agave (Ratty): Young n’ Hip

The carrot ginger at the Ratty is the perfect soup for when you’re feeling trendy. Nothing is hipper than saying the word “agave” at the end of your sentence. The combination of the carrot and ginger is surprisingly good, but if you’re truly #hip then you’re not surprised because you #alreadyknew. Added bonus: this soup epitomizes Ratty Gourmet, making it perfect for your #Instagram account.


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Amuse-Bouche: AS220 Foo(d)

Whola lotta chicken.

Mention AS220 to any given Brown student and you’re likely to meet one of two responses: vague confusion or fanatical enthusiasm. Such is the nature of a non-profit community arts center that wears as many hats as this one does; with dozens of studios, performance exhibition spaces, a youth program, and more all calling it home, it isn’t all that easy to grasp. Its mission, though, is simple: to provide “a local forum and home for the arts… to all artists who need a place to exhibit, perform, or create their original artwork.”

It only makes sense that an organization in support of creativity and community would have a restaurant. AS220 Foo(d) is a fantastic introduction to this huge and manifold center: it’s casual but special, humble but creative, hipster but in the good way. You place your order at the counter, take an oversized playing card back to your table, and fetch your food when it’s ready. The kitchen is in plain view, diner-style, but instead of pancakes and hash browns, they’re whipping up pulled pork pasta and pan-fried chickpeas. Continue Reading

FrugaList Vol. 2

‘Sup, britches.  You have money but you want to spend less of it.  Understandable.  None of us wants to be nickeled and dimed until we are forced to get a buzz from candy.  Take heart – it’s the FrugaList, Vol. 2.


Brown treats food like the tears of orphans – a rare commodity to be conserved at all costs, supped silently in the dark of the night, and priced beyond infinity until even the Ratty’s all-you-can-eat baked scrod looks like fleshy gold.  But there are ways around it, beyond, you know, blatantly stuffing your bag with 50 Nuckets and sidling out.

Consider this:  next time you’re in Jo’s on a quesadilla night, pay attention to the white condiment containers.  They’re tubs of fun, just waiting to be filled with…wait for it..soup.  SOUP.  One night I naively thought that they were, indeed, meant to be filled with soup, so I stacked a pair of chowdahs on top of my quesadilla and went to pay.  When I was unquestioningly charged $5.95 (or whatever queso costs), for the whole load, I stood stunned by the culinary concussion grenade that had roared through my mind, then handed the cashier my card.  Had three meals right there, for the price of one.  Smart.  And if you’re a BUDS worker reading this, don’t be a dick.  You know we’d do the same for you.

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