Time-waster of the day: September 27th, 2011

Germany has produced many a celebrity since everyone’s favorite Prussian president Otto Von Bismarck declared the unification of the German republic in 1871.  From Heidi Klum to Albert Einstein, the German people seem to possess an uncanny ability to try and take over the world do things efficiently, and do them well.

That being said, it’s this varied skill set that’s allowed them to straddle the epic divide which continues to plague us ordinary Americans. You know, the one between discovering a theory to explain relativity and modeling the world’s most expensive bikini.  Despite such groundbreaking work in the fields of theoretical physics and underwear modeling, there is one creature that continues to befuddle them: the North American Daddy Long Legs.  Maybe if the bug were wearing nothing but a bra and trying to explain the workings of the universe, this man would better understand just what being a spider is all about.  In the meantime be sure to check out the video and watch the hilarity ensue.