BlogDH + Sported at Brown: Taylor Williams ’13


Sartorial choices are a large part of the Brown culture – they represent how we see ourselves, our place in the community, and our values. Sported at Brown exists to document and construct a digital presence around College Hill fashion. Sported at Brown is the brainchild of the Fashion at Brown group, which highlights the work of student fashion designers in April during Brown’s Fashion Week. We are very open to ideas of what fashion is and we encourage you to send your pictures to so that we can put them up on the site! BlogDH and Sported at Brown have collaborated to offer students a mirror to learn more about their peers and their own fashion sense. 

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Describe your personal style in one word. Now describe Brown fashion in one word. 
Personal: Sarcastic
Brown: Conscious

What makes Brown fashion ‘conscious’?  
In my experience, people at Brown are open about their obsession with image and aesthetic. Their fashion choices seem calculated to fit either an image they’re projecting or an aesthetic they want to express.

How do you think Brown rates among other colleges in terms of fashion?
I don’t have a very good point of reference, but let’s just say where I’m from, the girls in college wear Lily Pulitzer and/or camo jumpsuits (not ironically).

Describe your most fashionable moment at Brown… and your least…
My most fashionable was probably when I realized all my sweaters look better inside out. My least fashionable was probably when I was dressed as a Hurricane Katrina victim for an “underwater” themed party. Continue Reading