St. Joseph’s Day

In case you were wondering what the deal was with these zeppole things at the Ratty, V-dub and Blue Room — it’s all in honor of the other big saint with a day this week, St. Joseph.

Don’t know how the pastries got added into the mix of traditions, but “San Giuseppe” — Mary’s husband — is big with the Italians, hence his feast’s importance in Providence. Unfortunately for us college students, the March 19 holiday isn’t used as an excuse for excessive drinking, but at least nobody’s going to pinch you for forgetting to wear red.

Now accepting applications . . .

A jar of “Juicy Fruit” at the Green Cross dispensary in San Francisco. Meri Simon / San Jose Mercury News

The Rhode Island health department will start accepting applications from hopeful medical marijuana dispensary operators starting Thursday, just in time for St. Joseph’s day. Don’t get too excited; dorm rooms and off-campus apartments aren’t zoned for this sort of thing.

The General Assembly passed a bill this summer allowing for the creation of up to three “compassion centers” in the state. Rhode Island has had a medical marijuana program for years, but before now, patients needed to grow their own marijuana or buy it on the street.