In other news, Colorado tourism just increased 1000%

Candidates, representatives, proposition oh my! Last night was full of stress and tension, but one issue loomed in all Brunonians’ minds: “What’s my witty election status going to be?”

Come on, admit it: Gloating and touting your political savvy is the real benefit of voting (psh, who cares about civic duty?). Here’s some of campus’s best (or worst):

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On October 3rd, Jim Lehrer didn’t ask anyone anything.

Many of you caught last night’s debate, and, in true Generation Y fashion, took to Facebook to share your thoughts, opinions, musings, and complaints with your “friends.” Some Facebook statuses addressed politics and issues at hand; others discussed Big Bird, Jim Lehrer, and October 3rd (i.e. Mean Girls). Here are some of our favorite Facebook freakouts from the first presidential debate.

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