“The Daily Beast” Surveys Druggiest Campuses in the Country, Brown Nowhere to be Found

This post is dedicated exclusively to those two Dartmouth girls at that party over Thanksgiving break who kept asking me, “So… you go to Brown. Do you do like a LOT of drugs? Like coke and stuff?”  You guys are number 3.

From what I’ve been told by other Ivy Leaguers – who most definitely have earned the right to know more about my university than I do – I do a lot of drugs. My friends do a lot of drugs. Our pets do a lot of drugs. In all likelihood, our professors do a lot of drugs. So imagine my surprise when “The Daily Beast” comes out with a slide show (how very HuffPo College of them) of the “Druggiest Colleges in the U.S.” and not only was Brown not number 1, we weren’t even mentioned in the 30-school slide show! What’s wrong with us!?

What UC Boulder does on 420:

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